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Really. Send him over the five all right man. That's all we're GONNA. We're GONNA talk about this week. We're going to be back next week. We didn't touch upon the Champions League which we normally like a look back so in Thirty seconds or less. I will mention the fact that you've interests were terrible against Leon. Yeah Chelsea were terrible against Biron and you can take the other two games and then much the PEP Guardiola had a pethick plan to go to the Barnaby. When I went to one and the other game Napoli played really well against Barcelona other. Suppo- Mr for the first time for the first time went into the stadium in the city where he's idol Diego out among plate. Which was it was. It wasn't an ordinary views older. They have. Maybe that's going to freak him. Yeah and a shot is way. Too Mountains echoed the records of my come seek although in two hundred games less and he is available. He's available in free in the summer as so what and I leaves us with really good secondly by the way in Boston or not between this to fight an aunt. And we'RE GONNA be back next week till then there's crispy and then there's crispy try our new and improved Tyson crispy chicken strips crispy just got crispy..

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