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Anything bigger small. Who just we absolutely love you for for that. But what we offer every august we offer donor trips and we don't pay for the donors donors pay for their trip. It's not that expensive. I think the flight to uganda's like twelve to fifteen hundred dollars round trip but you will spend a week and you will be in the rural villages. You will see people if you have donated a well. An entire village will circle around the well. They sing songs. They do real. They're happy create poetry for you. It is just. It is amazing. You go there and you're you're ruined for life because the joy and the excitement and the gratitude the people there is just so hobble. It's real you can touch it. You can see it so real thing while you're doing a real good work you're doing the real thing there. Tell us how people can reach you. And then What are we gonna talk about in our third. We're doing a three part series while you're gone for three weeks so tell take us out. Tell us how to get in touch with everybody in the would episode three. We're going i. I will repeat that you can You can go to wells of life. Find out all about us donate if you will Contribute any way that you want to contribute at wells of life dot org. You can always on the website. Send a comment to me. Ask me anything on the website. And i will. I will put you in contact with anyone. And i just. We're so into the mission of this. We really believe you can make a difference in the world. The next chapter with charlie right along come back next week and we'll give you one more impact trial is going to get real and personal here about What it's meant to him. This journey this new chapter that he's discovered. Read along with all of you right here. In orange county is only community radio station..

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