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The islanders killed off the three and a half minute power play that was residual from the end of the third. So other. Fifteen forty left in the overtime the lightning couldn't score. They had two chances that were huge both by Polat on the doorstep one of them went behind. Varlamov between his skates and the goal and slid across the blue. crease behind the goalie behind him and it wouldn't go in and missed it had slid right behind him across from one pipe to the other, and then the second one was a pass to pilots stick on the side of the door, right on the doorstep at the at the post and he missed it and tried to like like hit escaped and went behind the net. So Polat had two chances and frankly blue both of them, and then Nelson had a breakaway for the islanders on short handed and Vassilev ski made the Save With Shoulder. So the islanders had a chance a better chance to score and win. With Brock Nelson. Breaking in. Then the lightning had with three thirty, seven power play whatever it was they had three thirty, seven power play and literally I mean to me I saw two good shots that's all I saw and the islanders are so far. Instead, it's not even funny like opinion is this like and I could be wrong I'm wrong thirty times a day but the the deal is this two games in a row over time they had a three minute power play. They had a four minute double minor. So one minute of in both Games was in the third, the other three were in the overtime. was even longer tonight then the other game, the other night on. On Tuesday night when they lost in double overtime this time they did it again and they couldn't get a good shot and they are going to lose this game because of it they're gonNA, how do you not score with two nights in a row over time you get three minutes of our and you spend the entire power play passing the puck around and not getting any quality shots like really good shot attempts they didn't have to but they were both bunk they didn't go in. So it's unbelievable. Watching his game in my vein is only.

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