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We said about we were talking about Logan before to me. This seems like a pretty exciting template for that kind of story for someone who's been through something who is changed scarred irrevocably from it reckoning with one last thing. Yeah. Absolutely. And that's that's exciting Vince going it has earned the right to tell us the story and we're excited to see it. I'm also excited to see who Jesse pink. Men's Kim Wexler is whoever that is. It doesn't have to be a woman isn't of the be it can be whoever it is. But they obviously still have characters in their back pocket. You know, or they they're able to come up with characters who are as interesting as these people who know in love from breaking bad, right? I mean, if you look at existing characters as having square pegs because they are so well defined. They don't bring in people who are round holes. You know, what I mean, they have visibility light master craftsmen to create characters that full perfectly for dramatic purposes into the pre existing character. And that's what can Wexler is. That's all supporting new supporting characters better all are. So it's exciting purely from writing standpoint, honestly, before we even get to what it's gonna look like or how it will be directed cetera et cetera. I wanna pivot from this before we get into homecoming to this kind of cool moment. For a AMC where they are as we said just two days ago throwing out the rule book and saying we're just going to make stuff with the toys that we have right? They're gonna make movies now because the rules don't matter the shape of the the widget doesn't matter anymore, and it's not a bad idea. And it turns, you know, the whole idea before is that you do as community said six seasons in that movie with that was always suspect strategy because TV shows are not movies and going to cinematic release of a movie just changes, the stakes changes the definition of the property in it often fails now, we're just making more TV episodes, but in a different shape. And I think that's really interesting and honestly aim seems more forward thinking in this than other companies that we often point to as forward thinking, particularly I'm thinking about how David Chase's currently making sopranos movie that is a prequel. I forget what it's the goes to jersey or something that's called. Maybe we can look it up. Incorrect my mistake there. But You you know, know. it's written. It's being cast. He I assume he's going to direct it as well in. It'll tell the story of junior and Tony's dad it is a theatrical release. Don't you think on some level? It would make more sense as a two hour HBO special with that what they're doing with the deadwood movie, which they just began filming. Apparently, exactly. And so it also makes me wonder have the overtures already been made to Matthew honor. For example, who I say, I, you know, we all know how many episodes of the Roman offset scene. But it does not strike me as something that would be really super excited to revisit just judging by the reaction to the show. Don, Draper in the eighties is is like is imminent. Well, I mean, that's a show that did do flashbacks. They weren't that great to his childhood. I don't know if it's the Don Draper in the eighty show. I he strikes me as someone who may winder also writes novels. You know, he's wants to make movies. I think that his sense of the art that he does is different convince Gilligan who has always approached it much more. Like, honestly, I even say this. I think this is a fair observation of two men that I don't know one has kind of a blue collar approach has white collar approach to making television. And sure marvelously, but Vince Gilligan has never seen very precious about it. Like, he doesn't mind going back into the minds and having fun seeing..

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