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The shell pennzoil performance line to talk to to time people women's world cup champ an olympic gold medal is also a part of the great ninety nine team that resulted in the epic and icon ick brandy chastain goal that we're all celebrating the anniversary of today foudy does that feel like it was more recent or further away than it actually was today like it was when i when i heard nineteen years and it's like come on weak maybe not own count on my day how many years i've been retired and i had to go to like my toes julie we're just making everybody happy we're peaking the light here i want to ask you a little bit about today's match up a belgium came into today's matchup scoring in an alarming clip and then couldn't get anything done was that because of some failing for belgium in your mind or because france was just that good defensively i think i would i give the credit to france i don't think belgium played his best game ever they looked a little lake he tired but france you know as you were playing in that clip we were talking about is you know you know belgium broadens them some americans in particular that right hand side they got so much talent even coming off the bench bench and he was fighting all and he's really within dangerous crosses and france was organized and paying attention to the small details and those are the things that matter in a semifinal cup especially as you get to the last twenty minutes when you're just dead dog tired and they were better in that situation and they ended up getting a set piece goal off a centreback france did catching you know some some poor marking at the near post but it was it was a great goal by them and they held on talking to julie foudy it was belgium's first defeat of any kind since a friendly defeat back in september twentieth sixteen against spain france was still the favourite in here but that's an incredible run what do you think exactly went wrong for them here that they had done so right in other matches leading up to this well they had in roberto martinez a coach had you know created this run that was his run when it came on in two thousand sixteen he's known as a master tactician and worked with us for many years at espn so we know his brain well and so he created the built with this golden generation that had so much promise really good team but today i you know that's where i give credit to france there key players which are their front three mkaku who's been so good as term tournament whose quiet you had kevin to boina who everyone knows of course was meant city who was quiet and has our was on that frontline did some dangerous things but i give french credit for saying we're gonna utilizing some of their key players they have a ton of talent up there so i would say it was probably because france was the better team rather than a lack of something that belgium to that drew a lot of conversation after today's game about a blown call when belgium was on the offensive and had what looked like it'd be good a good scoring opportunity on the whole how would you rate the officiating for the world cup so far i you know i been a fan although it has drawn a lot of debate of the video review and the only thing that drives me batty as this is on the rest is that they have been consistent with the.

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