Bowens, Pentagon, Congress discussed on Red Eye Radio


So if you're going to say looks some because it but here's what i think bowens dude a little odd to do it a little bit of of a number we're much trying to say is a put one over if you're going to what she was a company i'm doing that i'm not being intellectually honest have the courtesy to at least a here's why here on what it cost here's what this over here and that's what don't just say at in a tweet and then and reporters say a couple of things in in walk away before you start to fame mean a company and by the way the biggest acts border i believe company of exporting anything to foreign countries which is airplanes which i believe is is is balling before you hit the company that has the biggest exports and start to fame in them or implying that they're doing something wrong explain why just don't blurted out and then all kei we need to figure out what it is if they're ripping us so if their ripping us off be specific and tell us how they're ripping us off but don't affect the company stock without the precise information if you're going to say they're doing a number on us and you're talking to the two biggest budget cutters you'll ever meet well on the point being is that if you do have something them the people really need to know alright that information exact around something because that was the guy idea that i got is that he was told something during a brief being or he discovered something somehow and he tweeted that because he one of the american people to know okay if that's the case then the american people need to know what you know if if they have i don't know fraudulent league given information into the pentagon or to congress bowling and and inflated to the number some told.

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