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Investors the last the end of quality programming with Gary Caldwell it doesn't get better than this once again to investors so we have gone from very stretched and extended to the upside to about a stretch then expanded to the downside is we really have seen in ages that's the best way I can put it the Dow had went from new highs about eight days ago I mean we're near new yearly low the down I'm gonna do this real quick while I gotcha let's see twenty nine five six days minus twenty five seven six six devided by twenty five seven six six equals when I didn't do that right I got to get it right don't I twenty nine five six eight minus twenty five seven six six equals divided by twenty five seven six six people were down fifteen percent in the Dow since the high of last Wednesday while the Wednesday before and that's Thursday is when we started selling because of what we saw so let me enlighten you on some thoughts here and I'm sorry there are certain things were not going to be able to help you with today we went down nine hundred and three hundred and something on the nasdaq and we but I think what it was about only down five hundred and one seventy I just wrote a little blurb we have an opportunity for a wash out day and what a Washoe day is down a thousand finishing the year off for the day on very big volume a wash out it's where you get rid of all the leaks sellers well not only did it not wash out but it finished at the lows of the day which now we got tomorrow in the weekend and all that crap we have no edge here no edge you know how I was able to save you our rules that this we have no rules on something like this here we have no rules on this here two or three times today I was gonna try and trade Cup two three times but it's impossible the news is fluid and remember something else about all this we've worried for years about the central bank induced bubble getting popped for whatever reason we a we don't know if this is it or not or whether this is just a virus we don't have any grand words for you one what you should do here we don't have grand words the best grand worried if is if you get some real nice bounces and you don't want to have so much yeah use your sleep indicator if you're not sleeping but we don't have any grand more it's because we are in an out liar market move over the last week or so now I have to add a few things into this equation here it's an election and guess what this will be used that you know what it's going to be used as it's going to be used as leverage on the incumbent that's into the equation if it continues of course if it leads to a recession and it doesn't matter if it's the incumbents fault or not that enters the fray back in oh eight when we had that disaster coming out of convention John McCain was winning he was ahead of Obama now let me be clear I think Obama was going to win no matter what but John McCain was winning and then fell off a cliff when it why the Republicans were in power if the Democrats were in power when that hit guess what would happen so that enters the fray all we can tell you is we took action in our growth accounts and no edge here I could not tell you what's going to happen tomorrow I gotta bunch emails what do you think happens tomorrow like really I don't know what I mean for dinner tonight I do have some expectations the fed's gonna lower rates very soon you already have a fed head out I think the last name Evans talking about it today leaking it and that's when the market rally but still fell fell over the next fed meeting I believe his thirteenth and fourteenth I think if we have another day like this tomorrow I think they'll lower rates tomorrow no I do I think they'll lower rates to more I am in hopes just a few of the frigid thoughts come into my mind the president does not go nuts on the market and start blaming the fed and all that I believe in eighty seven when we had the crash Reagan said if you believe in the future of this country that was the bottom right at the crash I don't want the president to come out and tweet on this and blame others if he wants to talk about the markets just say we've had these things happen before we are addressing this virus as best as we can and if you believe in the and go away because in bullish market as you can market you can get away with anything in bearish markets you can't get away with as much and in real bearish market so there are just some random thoughts from me to you every major index is now below the two hundred day moving average only make sure no I take that back the nasdaq is not amazingly so but the Dow is handily the S. and P. less so but the nasdaq and nasdaq one hundred not yes and.

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