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I mean we've got a defensive coordinator gotta head coach ooh just thinking about it coach had to address the charles woodson charles woodson said he addressed it says there's we put plenty of emphasis on that game said guys i mean they would know it they know i mean the players that are in the locker room the players that have been around they know how much emphasis we put on that gay so he did did did answer that is plenty enough jamie i is plenty enough i'm going to say i remember i'm going to say this he understands that game he's played in that game he's quarterback in that game three years he quarterbacked in that game so he knows if it's enough enough he knows when the press the paddle and not so i think he knows what he's doing i mean i i you know what i know it's been close last two games have been close three games first year got blown out second year i down maybe it wasn't a first down was it i don't know ref smack mike weber on the but is he was running back and bouncing never forget that we still don't know what you're talking about i'll i'll look it up i'll look up the clip i remember.

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