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I never even heard that before that's crazy miami there's a port there right so like it has to be a big center for like drug driving has i mean they call it like repsol and say it was like capital cocaine like growing up in it because i grew up in albuquerque new mexico and it's it's it's an across section between forty and i twenty five twenty five runs all the way up to like the dakotas and i forty goes all across the united states so it's like a meeting place a lot of drug traffic goes on in that city and so growing up in that environment where there was a lot of drugs in the city it was tough for us because albuquerque wasn't a city like there's nothing to do you you do drugs thirteen twelve years old i was getting high i was drinking i've done mushrooms as preteen insane so like growing up in that environment where there is like a drug center what was that experience like i just think if you weren't around like you you don't really see kids i would say you know doing drugs especially back then as you see now you know like mime now is not it's the younger kids that a causing all the trouble that committed the crimes during the shooting you know when i was coming up it wasn't it wasn't like that you know we have more focus on trying to do something to get you know to get out you know you don't even see now like.

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