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Go there's a cultural thing of course you see the culture here in Davos is well with Mr ms van a wide and and and all but I'm just going to suggest you dead on about the ship here to begin to look to Europe in this January of two thousand access if you don't give us access we're gonna come down with a one terrorist I just wonder if that phase one agreement is something they want to try and replicate with the Europeans I just don't see how they do that the one thing we flirt with Europe these things take a long long time to achieve anything even if it's for the benefits it takes a long long time with China but if you can can make a decision I think I've done you don't get I know that you don't understand America there's one America the states are all within a federal system in China's got a tune spearmint we talk about here a it's not in Europe I mean is false is driving the train here okay so then I think they are you want to really get synergy wanna get to Mister Thomas I love to do is take off the hour ahead I was well we got a fantastic line up for you today really is markets that a massive focus on financial markets the economy with Morgan Stanley Tennessee okay James golden color great confounded David Rudenstine breaks water because the eyeball prince and good hi CIO skull we're leading minor done so I don't mind it might have had on zero this is great economists words after a great conversations Mr morning in Mr Cordoba James Gorman is front and center because everybody is Mahdi UBS stumbling yesterday wants to be the Gorman margins on wealth management to his queue discussion that miss that conversation next to west to.

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