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Hundred yard date for James Cotter. Baltimore looking a little bit iffy. They're now Joe flacco threw three die yards. Can't get a touchdown though. The ravens fall to four and five chargers. Seahawks. Interesting ending to this ball game at CenturyLink field. Today came down to the wire, no doubt about it. And Seattle that opportunity if they can get the ball in the end zone. The potentially force overtime. Russell takes a shotgun. Snap three-man rush by the charges stepped up in the pocket. Off the fingertips it incomplete. On the ground in the back of the end zone is David Moore. We had a shot at it. But it is incomplete in the back of the end zone. And the chargers are gonna hang on and win a nail biter on the last play of the game. Steve Ray will on Seahawks. Broadcasting twenty five to seventeen the final one AFC team got twelve in their last twelve trips to CenturyLink field. But Philip rivers shows couple of touchdown passes today. Chargers now six and two on the year ever gets a couple of touchdown passes from also Wilson, but they couldn't get the equalizer. They fall the four and Ford Houston and Denver down to the wire as well today at Bronco stadium ballgame the Texans trying to win their sixth interro came down to the foot of a kicker, and perhaps a little bit of a breeze McManus sets up from near the right hash. Mark fifty one yard attempt for the win snap is down the kickers, white, right? Texas. Seventeen. In Texas on their six. Vandermeeren delirious, Andre where Texas radio on sports radio. Six ten in Houston. Six in a row now for the Texans.

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