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I guess the good thing in the bad thing when it comes to the buys this week is the good thing is we've only got two teams on the by problem is you got the Rams and the chiefs. So you're looking at replacing Patrick Mahomes Kareem. Hot Gary kill Sammy Watkins Travis Kelsey Jared Goff Todd Gurley. Brandin cooks, Robert woods. But that's okay. Because from the it's about damn time department. It sounds like the Philadelphia Eagles are finally going to make Josh Adams the belco. It's kind of like Mike McCarthy. What does this guy have to do to show you that he's worthy to be the number one back? And hopefully, this is somebody that you had picked up maybe two three four weeks ago to meet he hadn't had more than seven carries a game. But when you're averaging six point one yards per carry scored his first touchdown the twenty nine yard touchdown run. That was the eagles only score in that loss against New Orleans. Now, I'm not completely buying into Doug Peterson. I have a hard time believing what Doug Peterson going to save face value. Same way. I can't believe p Carol same way that I can't believe Bill Belichick but from a fantasy perspective now this week. He might not have RB. What upside you're still going to see some court Clemente and Wendell Smallwood sprinkled in. But if this was a guy that you're looking at an actually picked him up I want to say like six weeks ago when I Detroit him I traded him for Mike Adams or I'm sorry, Mike Davis. When Chris Carson went down because I needed to have somebody to pair, David Johnson. Now looking back at that was at the best deal, not necessarily, but I did pick up gossip Edwards off of the waiver wire. So at least I've got that that second running back, but Josh Adams, I want to see if indeed Doug Peterson commits to him as being the belco 'cause you can tell me all the things in the world. But until I see you give him the ball on first and second down. I'm going to be just a little bit skeptical. Another guy that we were skeptical about because he hadn't practiced all week. But there were still hopeful that AJ green was going to play today against the Cleveland Browns. He's been ruled out. So that means you've got more Tyler Boyd. And this is a great match up against the Cleveland Browns. The Cleveland Browns defense is incredibly underrated. And it's not just a hard knocks effect. But you look at the talent that they've got and without having a Jay green in that lineup. I don't have high expectations for Andy Dalton today. We'll get into some of those starts in sits and some matchups match ups. I like a little bit later on in the program actually at next segment. Mitchell Trubisky, and we're going to talk with the ad to dual from the fantasy doctors coming up at about twenty five minutes. Mitchell Trubisky as well. If you have any bear skill players. You saw on Thursday. Now that was a game. That was Eddie Jackson. Eddie Jackson was the difference in that game with that pick six off a Matthew Stafford. But when I'm looking at the Chicago Bears as much as I like, Anthony Miller as much as I would like to buy into Alan Robinson. Without having Mitchell Trubisky. In Trubisky is not a great quarterback. Mitchell Trubisky is not a great NFL quarterback yet. Now, this offense is training in the right direction. It doesn't sound like he's a lock to return next week in week thirteen that concerns me from a bear skill position mindset because if you can't rely on Robinson because a lot of people looked at Ellen Robinson during the drought. This is a guy that we're going to go out and get Chicago Bears paid big money to him in the off season you sign Anthony Miller you've got to Rico and Jordan Howard. You figure? You've got these skill players. But if you get chased Daniel is your quarterback, you've got you've got to limit your expectations. You gotta temper those a little bit downgrade them a little bit again. We'll we'll keep an eye on what might happen during the course of the week. But right now, he's not trending in the right direction. Now could be two weeks that they want to save him for that game against the Rams, and that makes complete sense. I do think as well. You have to take a look at what happens when the Packers and the Vikings because that could also play a factor into whether or not the bears are going to feel a little bit of heat from either one of those teams in the NFC north couple more guys. I want to get to about today. Date. If you're listening to in my opinion with Denton day a little bit early round right here on the network. We were talking about Doug Baldwin. And there was some concern about the groin now. Coming into the year. It was the knees both knees. And he knew he was going to have to play through the pain. It's been a frustrating year for Doug Baldwin, but he did have seven catches fifty two yards and a touchdown last week in the win over Green Bay. I don't think the upside is there against Carolina. I like Tyler Lockett just a little bit better in that game. Alex college. Here's a guy that there were three guys maybe mid round values that I was looking at the beginning of the year Payton barber. Chris Carson, Alex Collins. You can make the case that maybe one of those guys and Chris Carson has panned out. But we're seeing Reshad penny and Mike Davis sprinkled in Alex Collins, just has not been able to get it going. He's been extremely disappointing to me along with Peyton Barbara who frankly has had the volume but just up until the past couple of weeks. He hasn't been able to perform and that's been because Ronald Jones is at at hamstring. We thought for a moment about a month ago that Ronald Jones was going to step in and take that feature running back Peyton barber. And now we're seeing Gus Edwards. Undrafted rookie Gus Edwards coming in and now number one on the Baltimore running back depth chart. So Edwards is ahead of him. I think you can look right now Alex college with that foot. He is expected to play and it's a good match up against the raiders. But do limit your expectations one guy. I'm very curious to see later on tonight before we get back to a superstar running back is Jimmy Graham. Now, he broke his thumb and he's got a knee issue. And he's on track to play tonight against the Vikings. Is this the best move for Jimmy Graham? He's been extremely underwhelming the. The entire season. Jimmy Graham may have been one of those guys that I I've been so disappointed with Jimmy Graham this year. I really thought coming into the year that this was going to be a guy. You look. I mean, he had the ninety nine catches in two thousand eleven that eighty five eighty six eighty five and yes, he struggled to stay healthy. But he hasn't had a one hundred yard game. He's averaging less than ten yards per catch. He's got ten touchdowns on fifty seven receptions, but I was really expecting bigger touchdown numbers especially in the red zone. But he's got that thumb now they're saying barring any complications. He was expected to miss four to six weeks. And I think this shows you just how desperate we bought at the tight end position that Delaney. Walker was lost early. Greg Olsen broke. His foot was supposed to be out six weeks came back after what three and Greg Olsen, not healthy. Greg Olsen every week. Just because the tight ends are so barren that Greg Olsen is a tight end one number plate the tight end number one play every week. And you could say the same thing about Jimmy Graham. Now, he's a shaky number one tight end tonight against the Vikings. But nonetheless. It's really trending towards Jimmy Graham is going to play. Let's look at Melvin Gordon now this is a matching that even if Austin was going to play against the cardinals. I would've thought that this would have been a real nice play for us. And I still do believe that is going to get a good majority of some work. Now, maybe he would set out against what you can consider to me, maybe an inferior opponent. But he's far less than one hundred percent, and he's a must start. But I think you've gotta look if you're a DFS person if you're playing a fan duel are a draft kicks look at an Austin equa, I would be very hesitant to play Melvin Gordon, especially if this game does get out of hand with the chargers taking control and if they do need to bleed the clock. I would not be surprised to see Austin be the guy that's gonna go ahead and get some of those carries. And finally a guy this afternoon that won't play that. I thought would I had a great match. But for personal reasons is Mark Goodwin from the San Francisco forty Niners. Now, it doesn't look like he's going to play due to a personal matter. But PR Garson is out the forty Niners against an atrocious. An awful, and this is where again, a guy like a Kendrick. Born a Dante Pettis. These are two guys out. I'm looking at India fest purposes. Whitney bonds against a just horrible a horrible Tampa Bay secondary. I do expect Marky Mark Goodwin to sit Kendrick born. And Dante Pettis could be a couple of nice plays. If you're looking to stream since San Francisco wide receivers coming up next. I'm gonna go right back to that game. And tell you. Yeah. I don't know who it's going to be. But I know there's going to be a quarterback that's going to put up some big time numbers in that game. And it's not the guy that we've seen over the past three weeks..

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