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Medical College, Wisconsin, health network, Dr king, first of all, thanks for being here. What are some of the most common causes of back and neck pain, so common things that we see our things like sprain strain injuries? That might happen in an auto accident overuse injuries. But then also we see physical inactivity as being a very common cause of back pain, but that was gonna be my next question. We all experience this at some point in time when should somebody care for that pain. So when the pain is starting to exceed that time period of four to six weeks, where the pain significantly impact on your quality of life. They're having to miss work for this or. If they're starting to notice that neck or back pain is creeping into an arm or a leg. It'd be a good time for somebody to come in and see care. What are some of the various treatment options that are available to somebody who presents with a chronic Becker, neck pain? Yeah. So one of the most effective treatments, especially for chronic pain is, again, that regular physical activity and so coming into see somebody, we have a very comprehensive team of healthcare providers have freighter in the Medical College. It was consonant includes chiropractors, of course, physical therapists in the meal, so have physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians and surgeons when they may be necessary that ties into something. We talk about a lot that team approach that you have at freighter vision number of different disciplines that all come together to figure out what a patient, really needs, of course. So whoever you see, I within our system. One of their primary goal is to figure out. Am I the right person for you to be seeing maybe valuate them? Maybe they don't necessarily need me, and so I can get them over to one of my colleagues, and we can make that transition, very smoothly with very little effort on part of the patient. Conversely, maybe they need me, but they also need some other health from someone else. And then we can bring in that team aspect of care. Couldn't have Dr king. Thanks so much for being with us today. It's been a pleasure. Find a doctor who is right for you by visiting freighter dot com slash spine care or calling one eight hundred doctors when.

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