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Flacco I'm Dave Logan was talk about today's opponent the Green Bay Packers the mean you don't worry about what's on the other side with their Rogers in the office but it looks like at least with a small sample size that the Packers have improved defensively this year at least from what they put on tape last year yeah I think they're playing really well as if they're playing fast they create chaos with that and you know you have to be really on top of of your assignments when you're playing these guys you know I ask you almost every week about some of the important things for you guys to to try to find a way to win and and it's fairly obvious at least some of the answers you don't turn the ball over and you want to make sure you make good decisions as a quarterback when you face the team on the road with the defense as you said that likes to play fast likes to create all sorts of havoc with all sorts of different looks the super premium on anything other than the obvious things we talk about you have to really be on top of your assignments that so that you can. the temple they want to get up and they want to do the different things and they're able to play fast because of that and you know we have to really be on top of our game plan today just because we want to be able to create the temple a little bit and and try to use that against them and you know obviously you're always going to be on top of what you're doing but I think if we can really push the temple with his game and get them into some things they don't want to do against us then it'll be an advantage for us the last thing is you look at today's game and you guys a list of my book you made some strides offense away I thought certainly in the second half against the bears you got some things going and maybe the temple that you alluded to was evident in the fourth quarter we had almost a hundred sixty yards total offense in the fourth quarter against the bears so that might be the temple thing you're referring to yeah I think we've played a couple good second half so we just got to put it all together and playful four quarters okay good luck today Bridget that's the Joe Flacco show sponsored by the law offices Dan Kaposi series law firm for serious cases coming up we'll hear from John away that's in the L. way replay and this next to the Kaylee Broncos radio network..

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