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Who need help. Maybe you have a question about understanding, what goes on inside a car dealership because that is the reason that I started this show, just always. I got the car business in the seventies. Started out washing cars didn't have relative around the dealership or anything like that. And worked my way up through the years until it the PICO five dealerships and sold them all in six. But it always amazed me why car dealers. Such a shroud of mystery around their business. There's nothing that should be mysterious about it. I mean, there's just not it's kinda really simple. You take every customer that walks in the door and figure out a way to sell them a car. So you you've got to agree with the customer the customer has got to pay a fair profit. And it's really kinda that simple now that's not true in all dealerships. And I think that's what's made this show. So successful for so long is the difference between the good ones and the bad ones. And the good ones just wanted. They want to make a fair profit. They want to give you a good experience. They wanna to get you in and out of there. So I can get onto somebody else. And most of all the then won't you buy from them again. And you've lot of us have had experiences where we bought a car when I did the deal, but did not. I mean, you're you're leaving. They're saying I will never buy a card in this place again. And for me when I was in the business. It was that person. Who's scared me, the most I call them the silent customer, the one that does it give you an opportunity to make things right? They just go away. And there's nothing you can do about it as a dealer, and it was very very frustrating. So I decided that we would start to show it here. We are today and every single show well, not every single show. But probably ninety nine percent of the shows in the last seventeen years metro fat kicked Kevin McCarthy, he's been here. And all because you had an idea for what you called when we talked about it when you called me and said, hey, I know you're waiting out of non compete, but you know. Would you be interested in never done radio? Would you be interested in helping me show me how to do a radio show? You know, 'cause I've got an idea for a show, and I just want to see if there's any interest out there. If people would like to know what really goes on in a dealership when the salesman goes and says, well, let me speak to the manager for example. Right. And was should sure I'm got nothing to do. You know, if legally I can't do anything in a big you had to get permission from. The owner of the corporation that let me do the show, but it was on a little radio station that didn't have rating. So sure knock yourself out. Nobody's gonna listen. Anyway. Did. Phone started bring we were literally on a radio station that had no measurable audience and ten minutes into the show. The the switchboard was full of callers wanting to talk to Jerry, and it's been that way now for we're here. Yes to if you've never done it. And maybe you missed them in the newsletter or your recent subscriber. But I wrote forty stories about my days in the car business, and I call it true stories from a former car dealer, and it was a fascinating read for so many people and stopped at forty just because I run out of ideas on thanks to to write about about situations that happened I rented ideas, and frankly and needed a break. It was it was hard. That was hard writing for me. And I'm kind of a I've been riding my whole life. But you know, trying to remember things that happened thirty years ago and excited car dealership, but but some of the stories are really funny, the very first one probably the group, but then summer, sad, some will make you cry. But you get a real insight into me as a car dealer and what went on. We're in Dallas. And we learned just last twenty four hours that herb Kelleher had passed away. Herb was the CEO and founder of Southwest Airlines. And if you're outside Dallas that my herb Kelleher may not be a big deal. But if you were here, he was a big deal. Well, it was a tiny little airline that was just a regional airline that is now one of the country's largest carriers and arguably the most efficient oh easily to one of the stories that I wrote about was about the grand opening of my big Ford dealership that I built from ground up, and we had a lot of press there the day the grand opening and ribbon cutting and all that and one of the reporters who ironically is Terry box. Now works for us. Here you say. But he was the he was the business writer for the Dallas Morning News. And he said, what are you aspire to be with this new dealership, and I said, I want to be the Southwest Airlines of the carvers, really. And it wasn't four days. I got a handwritten card from herb Kelleher. That said, hey, I know about your dealership we want to be the prestige Ford of airlines. Oh, my oh, yes. I did. Let's go to say, you're you couldn't have worn the same hat out that day that you wore in one of the highest compliment anybody could have ever given me Cindy, Santo, San Diego, California, welcome. Cindy. How can I help you? I'm sorry. I was calling you because I'm interested in purchasing an Audi the eighth street of two thousand nineteen currently I'm driving Honda Accord. And I wanted something a little bit smaller. Yeah. I thought about that the cards, so it's. I have I've had I've had Audis in the past in the thought they were great one thing out. He does. Consistently is their interior quality is amazing. The other thing that that that a love about is. They're just flat fund drive, and I haven't had a three and a few years. I did have it back. I think twenty sixty two thousand seventeen I remember the car very well. Even I drive over one hundred a year. The this was a manual transmission? A three, and I just had a blast in it. And I'm Kimberly not a smaller car person, but just zipping around and parking this thing and shifting gears. It felt like it had more power than actually did got great gas mileage Scindia Aki think of a single thing. Bad to tell you except I don't have an Audi dealer in southern California. But hopefully will soon. New track are used let the car pro hell one eight hundred nine to six seventy seven seventy seven. There's.

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