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Um It's kind of You know? Well, I figured I re bluegrass album has like, uh, song with the title of like, You know, they're your hometown like river E. M. Yeah. So that was kind of like as you know, kind of like jokingly. That's where I got the the idea of the title because that's like And, you know, I grew up in the burbs up here. So I've got the Northwest Forest north branch of the Chicago River running through, Um, other than that is kind of just, you know, no particular inspiration, other than like stuff. I've always listened to And you know, comes to mind like some Bela Fleck. Bluegrass. Thanks stuff for like her steely instrumental stuff. Uh huh. You know, just kind of came Came from stuff that I've listened to this is and because I'm because I'm deep into Chicago history, but because I'm also building little narratives in my mind, as as a writer. I liken this to the type of music that the first pioneers in this city would have would have played and listen to. Yeah, it kind of like This type of like the sound of string music, uh, evokes that for sure. I think not to say that's wrong. But I think in reality, like what they were probably doing was like way less technical. Maybe not, You know, not less technical, but like, you know, this says, Like Another 100 years of Harmonic tunnel, whatever evolution Um to it, but, yeah, definitely evokes that kind of like Planes, you know? Open, open terrain, you know, and bluegrass. I have to say bluegrass feels really natural to the Midwest. Yeah, right. It's you know, being acoustic and.

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