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Five ninety AM and ninety nine point seven FM let me just say this logo is so often because other logos for you usually have guns and stars and Cowboys or Wrangler or something. Like that Like the Texans Houston Texans with a little steer this is this is this is a tree this is the roots this is a mighty oak I like it I'm digging it I hope we, get some of the scare all proudly wear that. Hat anywhere everywhere I go everywhere I go. I wonder if one. Of our sponsored nights will. Be lock her. Up night locker We'll. Have the Austin f say t shirts with the logo on. The back lock her up and I have a picture of lock her KLBJ. With our microphone. There look her. Up her up night we could sponsor the goalkeeper now they're always wear something different Sponsor his uniform k No Most of the fact most if not all have a corporate sponsor on the. Shirt. Correct and it'll be sponsor for the. Stadium, yeah. Yeah I would assume that'll be tech related undoubtedly arosh or. Something. No no no it's going to be. Dirty, Marty Patio. F c Austell. Patio. Senorita special which is great don't get me wrong here but. It'll, be, it'll. Be Dell oracle base book. Google Luma leaving out AMD Amazon Maradi sponsor someone I think, they, can afford We could on the league could they put Tito's. On their probably. Tito's rally that'd be good. The see the Seattle franchise I told you the jerseys and. XBox XBox. Really cool shirts they're green green green. Seems, to be the. Thing well we're green, city my friend are. We we're a grain city these these guys are playing in the. Only grass left in, Austin we're. Fighting for lions, Manny lookouts it. Is Virgil you're on Kilby Hey what. Are, the guys that. They called in talked, about and Netflix and. I thought that was a good thing but there's a better one. The often Longmen song, men gong. Bone man yeah. You remember Al Oh man he's always right around. Yeah. Bar I forget You're gonna have fun night you could give away a, bike. With the little ringer on the on the handle right do all kinds of cool stuff with on the phone man, should make, you should right around whenever the team scores a, goal he rides around Seattle Bike. With his basket. Sticks but she except in the air. I don't know. I've seen him in. A, long. Time I have not. I, haven't. Seen them I'm worried Gone down or His His, cheeks Are beet red. In October I don't know how he's holding. Up today does he'll find? Him peddling are used to find? Him peddling anywhere he'd be pretty far out and it's one hundred and, thirty degrees and he's not a. Young man he's, a, skinny, very very very dangerously teddy these guys Butler like, a basketball I haven't seen in a long time It would be, kind of fun if he were there but that's a. Long way for? Him to ride in you know what a lot of people don't know who the heck you're talking about. And who. The heck Leslie was true that's. True but they all. Know. Tree roots they all know routes right Yes they do yeah I don't think whoever the corporate sponsor is or this precor guide don't think he's. Going to. Be too excited after naked skinny. Guy hanging out the game Although I think it's kinda funny I haven't seen him in such. A lot even know. What's happened there have been. Sightings I don't run into them he. Doesn't brush up against me anymore There was a period there were several weeks, where we were close to, each other often I at one point I thought maybe he's following me maybe you wanted him to follow your Jeff, could be. Maybe you wanted that day what there is nothing worse than running. On the trail when. He stands up to go. Uphill and you're behind him it's awful You sprint when you turn tail and spread you sprint by that bike as fast as you can to get away from, his cheeks Latte of not had an up close and personal You know the time that he dropped his bike right next. To me when I was parking on west fifth so I paint a meter And I don't know what I'm doing and I'm looked down or something and as soon as I. Look up, his, bike had fallen? Runoff, he, had stopped was getting off at fallen over and we are right there next to each other I mean close. Did he go hi Jeff Then say? A, word According. To me he's French let me tell you what if he's, out there right, now if you're listening you're not feeling too great because it's a hundred six degrees come by the Austin convention center tomorrow by absolutely Come on in you. Can get. To kill but j parking space for your bike and you come walking in sure that would be nice that would be, quite a. Deal if someone knows thong man say that he has an, open invitation we'll, stop we'll stop immigration talk for just a few minutes because I know he's probably here illegally from France jer But and he he can come right on the show Speak Come on, down come on. Down. Yeah if you read in may be read one of those new scooters and put up the bicycle It would make him less yeah Hiney tiny little thing that he wears on that bike seat that just. Really looks comfortable are used to I don't. Know what his story is, now maybe he's given it up maybe sits around. A pair. Of, jeans for all. I know I I don't. Know All right eight, three six zero five ninety tool free eight seven. Seven five. Nine, zero k LBJ Donald Trump says it. We're all. Going to be very. Poor very poor he's impeach we're all going to be poor berry Doing so. Well I tell you what if I, ever got. Impeached he. Says I think the market would crash Elliot would then when Bill Clinton got, impeached and the economy was booming Well. Everybody went on to say I think everybody everybody would be very poor More disturbing to me was what. He talked about the judicial system we've got. To get rid of? The? Flippers they should make that illegal should. Be, outlawed are you kidding me,.

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