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Pageantry of college football lives here. This is Paul finebaum show. Our to podcast. Welcome back to the program where in Fayetteville and. The biggest share of the day has just gone up. Because Chad Morris has joined us. Popular man in these parts and the the forecast calls for him becoming even more popular. How are you coach doing? Well, see everybody out in excited about opportunity. We in front of us. I talk about your son. I know he's toward the end of his high school season. Over was how in park. Yeah. He's a quarterback. How's he doing? Well, they just finished up last night to know and having a phenomenal year for player of the year and just doing great things. And so the whole team is proud of him. That's quite a program there. And so what we're what years he's junior? So he's still got all the time. He's got a year left. And so we'll put in a pretty hard crew. Trying. Got to be careful coach too many business. I know I know at least, I know his mom, so that's good. That is a good point. I think you I think you can let her do the recruiting. But I've heard quite a bit about his his play. Let's talk about the play of your team huge gain. The mar- LSU comes to town. This is as you well know, quite a robbery and they're coming off of disappointing loss. But then you've you're coming off a bye week. Yeah. You know, I it is Paul traveling all over state being here, and and just hearing the stories and the of the robbery of this game. And now to be able to be a part of it tomorrow night. You know, we're really look forward to opera -tunities that we have in front of us. I really believe you know, coming off the bye week is much needed late in the year. He had opportunity get our legs back up underneath this. These guys are in a great mindset. We've had had great work for the last couple of weeks, and you know, senior night, and we're gonna we're gonna go out. And and we're we're gonna we're gonna see what we can do. So it's a be a great opportunity for. Yeah. I think it would be a fair statement. You correct me. If I if I'm not, right? But the everyone knew this going to be a tough transition. These were not your players. This is not your system. You're trying to make a lot of dramatic changes. I realize three games left. But how difficult has been? Well, you know, no one could have foreseen where we are. Right now. You know, in, you know, could speculate we knew we were gonna rebuild and we knew it was going to take a, you know, a group of guys coming together, and and and pulling her weight this year, and and we've seen that we've seen we've seen growth in this program this year, and it was disappointing. I not think we played very well against Vanderbilt, but leading up to that game we played extremely well and gotten better every week..

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