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A man is dead after he was shot several times in lawrence 33yearold mark bailey was shot and killed around seven thirty yesterday evening police have no suspect acts big ten football media days had begun in chicago new y you head coach tom allan will talk with media today while new purdue head coach geoff rommel do the same tomorrow i'm curt darling on the level on the go on twitter at 93 wip c and w ivc dot com kony cats facebook tony cats radio waiting jared kushner heading back to the white house now from testifying from the senate intelligence committee he will you see onsang testify but i don't think that's how they see it and maybe using the word wrong because he he was behind closed doors and i'm not even sure he was under oath so speaking with might be or meeting with might be the better way to say it might be the better ways i don't wanna give it a anything any kind of of name or label that may be is an inappropriate alanon i don't wanna miss lead anybody in that way but he is heading back to the white house and will um made some statements at that time we will bring that to you live now what he said this man catch up with the statement that he put out eleven pages of statements that he put out that people have been reading through and trying to find the hidden meaning within on time and again i will find out soon enough i'll have that and also a this breaking news that charlie guard his parents of ended their legal battle the american doctor who came to to see the child i'm saying that there was just it was too late which in and of itself for those have been following the story of charlie guard who suffers from metal konjil dna depletion syndrome and these parents who were desperate to try and take him to the united states for some experimental treatment and the.

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