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But I'd be careful if people start throwing up that day. You really gotta be your own guy. You can't help but pick up some of the things that the people before you did and learning as an assistant underneath those people. You can't help but do it. But Joe Judge needs to be Joe Judge He cannot ever imitate Bill Belichick. Er that thing is not gonna work. Professional football players, professional athletes in general, they will sniff that out real quick and good luck Getting that locker room back. Next shoot. Why can't the Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arian joined our own tickets here yesterday afternoon, and so is out preseason games the teams to watch their intensity in practice even more because he doesn't condone fighting. The workers shoot. Fighting in training camp actually helps to build team camaraderie. I flip flop on this. I think that's a work would I think it's a work? I think it's something that guys like me make up because way want to see things like that. We want drama. It's natural. It's gonna happen. Guys going Push, shove each other. It's hot. You're not running into other people. You're competing for jobs. You're supposed to be a team atmosphere, but you're also competing for jobs that pay you a lot of money. Naturally, it's gonna happen, but I think they're still too much stuff that you have to accomplish. Without having to stop and blow whistle and try to have a pull apart between a guy on offense and a guy on defense. There is too much that needs to happen, pushing and shoving and maybe a couple of grabs of a face mask here and they're gonna happen. A grown man, and there's all those circumstances I told you about before, but I agree with Bruce areas and I used to. I used to love camp fights, and I used to get so excited about him. And then I grew up and realized that's really stupid. They're trying to get something done. I have to say that is a work next work. I can finish up with this. The hype train for Kyla Murray continues first a few months ago, a phone networks bookie Bucky Brooks, Excuse me selected Mary to be his 2020 NFL MVP. Then this morning in his weekly mailed back calm. J. Glaze of the athletic predicted murder will be the next breakout star in the league. Several of them are similar to Omar Jackson last year and Patrick home two years ago. So Kyla Marie workers shoot over the next breakout star in the NFL. Boy, I'm trying to think of another breakout star. I can't say Well, he was the number one overall pick last year. Gosh, I got I gotta go. I have I think I have to say shoot. If Joe Borough goes out there and does well, Jo Bro is expected to do well. It's so weird. Kyla Marie was the number one overall pick How many people except for Arizona, Cliff Kingsbury in Arizona fans and Oklahoma fans expected column er to do well. My wrong where you're not waiting for him to fail. I thought he had a great chances to succeed with Jerry. I did. I think I I thought that he would have a chance. Cliff Kingsbury is proving to be so far proving to be a better professional coach in a college coach. Because you can't recruit doesn't mean you can't do it the exes, nose and attack an opponent. So I think Cliff Kingsbury's finding where his calling really supposed to be, and that's in professional football. But I was just always waiting for the other shoe to drop..

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