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Of green tea for helping people maintain a good body bodyweight roots of there's been studies of eyed green tea extract s epi gallo catechin gallet dis egcg has been studied for for weight management there hasn't been that many are more recent studies but they're definitely have been some studies to look at its effects for increasing energy expenditure as i mentioned i think you know if there are some some different foods that can boost energy expenditure a little bit and carved give you a little bit of a kick start that's that's actually quite quite nice and in can be very helpful so in my opinion the the medium chain triglycerides oil could be one of those um potentially egcg but there is not so much research about that and i think there needs to be a little more research to be able to make definitive uh claims what about chocolate a unreal and we do like chocolate a lot on the peoples firms we talk about the health benefits but i'm wondering you know no there's chocolate in in this chocolate i what i mean by that is the milk chocolate this very sugary versus dark chocolate it's really almost a little a stringent whaling just lee we saw epidemiology from denmark that showed that people who eat chocolate more than once a month and particularly people who ate it between two and six times a week they had um less likelihood of cardiovascular problems heart attacks nut sorta thing this was a a 14year more or less 14year epidemiology follow up and of course it's epidemiology you can't say it's quite an effect but um what a delightful uh.

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