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Yeah i have a brotherinlaw who is a downed in an appalled every time i spend any money on my car yeah there are people like and pay no attention to them imagine how embarrassed i am when my book the spends money on his car so but we don't it's just a little family dirt and we don't like to talk about it too much but the bull listen to these people that know i had my car checked out i was thinking about buying a new one that i i just can't put it to rest and had it so long it's been so reliable it's got one hundred and something thousand miles on it but i took it to a very reliable honest mechanic in who in order to bring it up to snuff he would have to fix the front and rear break the new door handles the water pump the timing doubt the power smearing has the air conditioning and repair right cvt all of which he would sixteen ninety five one thousand one hundred eleven dollars one thousand fourteen dollars and thirty six and i am leaning toward getting it repaired but it's it's becoming more and more painful to be about might be around my brotherinlaw and my sister who roll their eyes yuppies they driving the drive what kind of a camera do they have their driving in infinity odd sure the haves and the have nots philip to contribute to it newborn infinity lawyer is your brother law lawyer nah nah okay now what is the bag man he is he's a garbage man mccoy engineer chemical they make big bucks and he deals with carpet oh yeah.

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