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Dembo bit but talking about somebody had swings the name mike stanton came up over the weekend when i was a rain on at the hm that would be interesting depending on what you have to give up how much how much on sergey and carl i went back to how how long the was he mikelic four years ago on the florida marlins other even close well let's close that's who he is as changes name every new elassad going about i imagine carlos stand i if they're just asking the eat savoury and maybe you can talk him down a little bit it'll have to give up anything for him i mean you got to think seriously about that doha well yeah i mean look he's rigs at t twodozen and i looked at the numbers this morning just did double checks i knew we will be talking about this his numbers at at t park where noone hits well he's got an ops over thousand hours career i just didn't misnomer the heck did i put it in my knows what he's got an he's got an ops over one thousand here it is 300 six batting average career thousand 48 ops nine home runs and twenty six starts at one hundred eight a bat and 21 extrabase hits as in 26 starts at eighteen he barca threat as good as he does gene carla not bad mike do michael matt my lot of beers as wigan okay but it's a thin but here's the thing like you said that now look they're not gonna giveaways gotta be contract he's got an optout after 2020 all those kind of things but if if you're going to bigger power bat make it a bad that's berry bond issue bonds issued i don't mean that in terms of he's going to be that good i'm just saying it doesn't matter or what park plana he can hit it out and i'd give you tell me what to give up because i'd give it up late obviously not given opposi but if if in the line if you've got to give up panicky do it if you've got to give up the royal you do it if you've got to give up beatty i think he do it i mean because stanton is such a rare player in that in the.

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