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They care about is their power. Benchley? They keep talking about ObamaCare. Obamacare is already collapsed. The only thing and it's still working as Medicaid. And they wanna screw that over Trump talks about that tonight. How they wanna take away that from all the senior citizens and in getting back to cordray Trump talked about what a disaster he was wasted. All this money trying to renovate his headquarters or this or that, blah, blah, blah. But I mean, you're absolutely right about one thing. He's an absolute or will be a sock puppet for Schumer Pelosi, the democrat party and remember his good good buddy tax and Ted Strickland. He ran the state eight billion dollars in the hole. I think Jim Rene. She said that when he'd laughed at. It was like eighty nine cents left in the accounts. And now casings built the rainy day fund up like two billion dollars. Democrats all spin money like drunken sailor was gone. That's what happens in socialism look at Venezuela took Medina less than three years to destroy the country. Now they've had over four million Venezuela's fled the country. These people. I don't care rookie Hillary Clinton. Look at everything she's done. Look at Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is a sexual predator. He raped Juanita broaddrick. You know, he's rate many people, you know, this man is a criminal. You know, we have the most corrupt politicians of all time. You know, rod Rosenstein is an absolute crap he will not testify under oath in congress. Today. What's up with that? He does not want to have to tell the truth Glenn Simpson of fusion GPS today. And now he will take the fifth in right now called you. They hold all the cards rod Rosenstein, the only way that we can get him on his fiery. But Trump won't do that right now. He's letting hang in the win. He wants Rosenstein refuse to testify under oath. No cats. Glenn Simpson refused to test. He wants the American people to see that. These people will not tell the truth now. Hold on. Let me refresh. The worry memories out there because the media had been talking about it here for the last week or two, but that's that. Russian dossier that was all about a p p party and Hillary Clinton she bought and paid for this whole thing, and it's all based on a pack allies. But this p party supposedly was over there with the rue skis and Putin got to watch it or see the video and hookers were dancing on Obama's bad. And and Trump was sitting there having some Kentucky Fried Chicken and watching it and enjoy and it's all Pac allies can. But hey, let me put you on hold man. We'll take a little short break in more of the jazz to talk about over here. And we'll get to it after a little short.

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