Joe Biden, Esther Williams, Donald Trump discussed on Murph and Mac


Will. there's something for everybody out there some go Scott some go Berman the Bourbon you know what the gentleman go with. Roberts wins that discussion one more time. so good all right well there you go there's your Monday morning massive thank you might be. great job was awesome kids turning into a producer right before Marshall listing I don't even hear about that that was fantastic the things that might that might be and I discuss at a high level you guys are doing stuff it's not just about fox in asking for here's a cat climbing telephone poles. a few of those two of course we had a few including Joe Biden and corn pops. meaning to go down that road. I'm just reassure Donald Trump free election with a crazy weather. when he is a lifeguard at a pool and where I do want to hear how there was a tough game corn pop soul who wore too much grease in his hair and if you had too much grease in your hair you couldn't go in the pool corn popcorn pop was going to be on the diving board in Joe Biden derisively called him Esther in as in Esther Williams the old swim star from the movies of the nineteen forty here we go and corn pop challenge him to a nice fight in the parking lot and batten biting back came back with some chick with a chain he cut a chain off to go in and take on corn Popper the channel had did I was a as he was spending this too many young and I was like don ladies and gentlemen your twenty. yeah I got my **** kicked by a guy named corn pada. of old dudes these are some of the sound the same talking by need to just stop talking the of the gag actually I I should let me write his next speech it'll be a simple speech Joe Biden when you approach the the podium the less said the better and I can ensure that yep. to be by his XP's. well the better. good bad traffic bunny gills on our way to Boston we're gonna.

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