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Keith ellison. Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, these two new congresswoman once a Palestinian, they're both Muslims leap in alien, Omar. The things that they have said. Are pretty incredible Keith Ellison became deputy, chairman of the DNC's now attorney general of Minnesota. The things that Jimmy Carter has said about Israel, the things that John Kerry said in a speech, he gave I believe it was twenty twenty five days before leaving office. Just eviscerating the Jewish state and Netanyahu the efforts by Obama to interfere in the elections in Israel. And his treatment of Netanyahu in the United States. And his final act, directing John Kerry. To vote against Israel in the United Nations, which the whites and the Wiesenthal Center was said was the greatest act of anti-semitism of that year. We can see this N P research polls, the attitudes towards Israel versus Palestinians. Seventy nine percent of Republicans say they sympathize more with Israel and the Palestinians compared with just twenty seven percent of democrat. Now. Hugh looked at this in the party's progressive wing. And the sheriff Liberal Democrats who sympathize more with Israel than Palestinians has declined from thirty three percent than nineteen percent since thousand sixteen currently nearly twice as many Liberal Democrats say they sympathize more with the Palestinians, then with Israel thirty five to nineteen percent. The Palestinian Authority and HAMAs do not embrace our values and our principles. They're about terrorist organizations. Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by our own government? And the democrat party more and more is the place where these anti-semites go. And I read argued that these two congresswoman are exactly what I say. They are anti-semites. I've been calling them out for weeks. I called out key thousand on day one the Democrats elected him as their deputy, chairman of the DNC. And there's this growing movement within the democrat party. Democrat candidate.

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