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You could say is that, that Anaconda did want some it did it did want some. Okay, I've got that other way you had some you had some buns in your satchel. Is everything back is. There is our people back that we are stumped on is oval stumps gone. There's no skull there. The fires dying down everybody's around. I want to check the skull Selami. My satchel skill still in your satchel. Okay. Everything's the way it was supposed to be. Patience is Kita wisdom. I don't I'm going to write that down in my notes. Write that down your notes. Are we awake in my awake? If Indiana Jones is not doing anything else. I don't know what to do with that information right now. I'm not even gonna tell tell them other because I don't think he would consider that anything, but we dream at this point Jax brushing his teeth. And then every once in a while, he takes his little travel toothbrush, puts it down any brushes. Reggie's like front, fangs and then goes back. So y'all wake up, and you, you get back on the, the river have breakfast. I, I mean you can't if you'd like what would you look at breakfast eggs, eggs. What kind of does you bring chicken with you ostrich, maybe Jamie, maybe there's some sort of like canned eggs, what I mean? I mean you gotta do what you gotta do. Maybe powdered eggs. In fact, I think there was some pattern eggs in the Jeep the Nazi, that you'll or Nazi truck in the rationed. So you you're gonna have some German powdered eggs, are they tasty? They are not awful. I think they got I think they got gasoline in. Terrible. All right. So y'all. The four while we're hanging out having breakfast. I'm going to be like, hey Indy. I mean Dr Jones, I mean, are we are we friends enough for me to call you Indy? I mean, I've been telling tell store around for years in comedy ending, and he never doesn't short around kinda sits angrily next after Jones, you call him to Jones eighty. Okay. Back to eating is terrible eggs. Can call it whatever you want. Okay. Anyway, Dr Jones, how're you see. Ling. All right. The eggs weren't great. But I mean it's better than I what I thought we were gonna have. So. Why do you sleep? Okay. Last night. Well, no, it's a jungle full of snakes. So I get, you know, right right thing got it. How did you did you sleep? He said trying to be polite, but he's not very good at it. That's fine. I'm pretty used to this kind of thing I guess. To toilet that sometime. Sure thing. Just checking on you. You know, I know that it's been pretty stressful. You got Sean, the shoulder in everything. Just wanted to make sure you're doing okay that the bullet wound wasn't hurting until you said something. And then he remembered. And he's, he's trying to be tough, but it's obvious that it's now bothering him. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought it up. Okay. He's a little perspective. So you'll make it back on the river. And you go to the next spot on the map that you have. And as you're. Searching, the site, everybody, give me a notice, check three. I five eight s Borana. You don't see anything you're, you're kind of caught up. Caught up in the chill. Jock. You. Notice a skeleton. Oh, okay. Right. Right. Skeletons are always funny still. Wow. I mean, I guess it makes sense that, that would be here. But still Jeepers. Indy. You notice the skeleton. Also, you notice that it's wearing. Something very strange. It's, it's wearing a breastplate jackpot. So this is a human skeleton, the liberally human skill. Is it like is it like the brigand dean the like Spanish when it is? But you also notice with your eight behind the skeleton is, is a kind of cave. I noticed the skeleton, but I didn't notice the kids. Jockey zeroed in on the scale. That's a nice go. Here liked to do the evening. Big question has that skull, lookin crystal? Okay. Is there perhaps also a castle inside this crystal Kay notable? There too. All right. So you'll get you get up here. And, you know, you, you take a look closer at the skeleton. At what point do I notice it, like, does anyone tell me about it? Or we still walking close to it, and I'm about to step on it. Your friends are going to tell you, you're soon. Whatever I don't care. Hey, hey. Got a body here guys. You want to see a dead body. I think that's a little more than a dead body, Indiana Jones to actually a little less than a dead body. Your dial back this role playing circus. I cannot judge the lines in which you are blurring between acting in real life. Right. Okay. So Speranza is going to use her history history. St. roll history. Maybe maybe Esperanza did maybe FRANZ at did notice and see was just, like I just don't need announce everything I see clearly. For you, definitely know that this is the skeleton. Oh, cool. It is clearly of a period with Francisco or Lana, who you are looking for. You also notice that he has a tagger. A Hagan between his ribs poking out the whole in the in the armor. Can I inspect it and see if it has any kind of markings or anything on it would suggest to belong to sure? Gimme investigations. Eleven eleven. That's pretty good. On the, the, the pommel. Yeah. The pommel of the hilt you see in very fancy script f. Right. Y'all think lawn has been here. I think the staggered belong to him. Can I keep it catch the mic? No, it's my mouth that okay with everyone. However, however, and he like on her shoulder, and he looks very seriously at her. And he says it belongs in a museum. Of course, we're talking. All right. And don't run with it. That's only a problem if she finds another one, and then, like, then. Okay. So you found the skeleton next to cave. The while there's a cave. So this, this probably isn't Francisco are lawn. All right. I mean, I guess it's I mean, like I hate to say I guess it's possible could put his own knife and himself. But I mean of all the places you're going to put a knife in you in your life. I don't know. I wanna put one in my armpit. I. I. Painful way to go. Well, the other the other conclusions are be someone else stabbed him with his own knife, or see Francisco Alana stabbed of this person. And if that's the case, who is this one, don't you? Give me a history, check their Indiana. Jones, I got a five. You gotta five you know, this is not friends who are Lana. Okay. You've seen pictures and his armor, is very ornate. This is just a regular kind of soldiers armor. This is this would not have been him, but it would have been a Spanish soldier, right? Definitely. It wouldn't have been an enemy just by by default. It's not it's not like how we're killing Nazis, right? This is definitely one of his men. I guess we should go in the cave. You don't cave. Yeah. I wouldn't suggest we not go. What are we just going to get? Well, here's a spooky cave. Let's get back on the boat and leave. Let's keep going. We got enough skulls. They can't get them all if we've got a few. No, okay. Yes. I'm gonna light my torch, please. And let's go in the cage towards us. See a very shallow K. After after the Joe. Chuck reaches back and pulls out to flashlights. One of these them both on can you get the third and like put it in your mouth, or I actually threw it at a Nazi, but we could also to through your flashlight through your flashlight found three and then I found three. Yeah. Right. Three but one of my mouth. No wait. No wait. I give it to Reggie. How much more effective than my torch are the flesh. I would assume very like very actually. Yeah. They have a concentrated beam of light, where torch is more of an ambient like room lite. Let's say so, so like Jones looks at you and frowns. And then he liked houses the torch again and puts it back, his now, we'll say for for torches versus flashlights, flashlights show. Something better in a in a shrew base. It might be worth hand, which is gonna is gonna light up the entire room does not as well. Yeah. But it was it was funny. It was it was funny. Out some lighting facts, and that's your job as the GM good timing. It's my job as a character to be hilarious. Well, let me know when you start. Oh my gosh. I didn't know indie giant at the end of this one. That was a slam dunk. Alex, just go going. I'm funny. Now let's go and no. You're not. That's not a slam. If he had said, no, you're not. Let's move on. What's in this? That you leave yourself just wide open. I'm crying over here. All right. Good comedy. I say. Okay credit for this. All right. All right. All right. So this is a very shallow cave. But what you do. Notice. There's a hole in the floor about about thirty feet in, yeah. Yeah. Holes. How big is this whole in how much do I, not want to crawl into it? The whole is. Let's say it's about five five foot in amateur regular pretty good. It's pretty good. It's it looks it looks like it's, it's pretty pretty dark down there. Hey sign your three flashlights there. All right, Jack. Yeah. I'll do that. Would it kill you to say please? Put plays. Please. Lighten up that cave Reggie Reggie does to assume. I mean Jockan Reggie three fist these, these flashlights looking down at this cave, and you see. A little glint of gold. How how deep is the cave. How far down the cave to the bottom a little hole. Sorry. The hole in the cave is about twenty feet. Okay. There's, there's really nothing that down on I have a rope broke. Oh, me too. I think John has a rope. Name is Reggie. Yeah. Well with my. Unshakeable curiosity, which is one of my hindrances. I feel like I gotta go down in that whole. Do you got curious as a hindrance? Listen, big mouth. I have..

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