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Have eight ladies and gentlemen. I welcome the one and only from the front desk of Media Anita by the Kelloggs cornflakes kill take me back. That's old school. Yes I knew you you when you worked at what was light. FM owned by a different company in a different building. That's right and then you came to join us now. How many years ago was that? That was twelve years ago. Elvis yes been total. I've been here. Nineteen and a half years told long journey. What an amazing journey and it wasn't just the free food either cool? Yeah exactly. I loved everything about it. Because you've been amazing to me and I will always be amazing to you whenever you need anything. We'll always be here for you. They've got many nays many nicknames but a lot of people call me the I- I heart and I hope I always will be that the the high the heart and that's what I would like to always. You're the heart. He's so most people listen to our radio station every day or listen to our podcast and they forget to remember that this is a company and it. It's a it's a business it's a it's an. It's an office building with doors and bathrooms and sexy not. We don't have secretaries assistance and stuff stuff like copy machines so we when you come in. I don't know when you when you come in to do business at IHEART. The first stop is the front desk and Anita has always been in on the Anita thrown raining court and she's always the first impression you get when you walk into this place in so this this isn't just like working in some office building. This this place has a heart you want it all starts with Anita thank you so much. L. That's amazing. Thank you so much I mean I have been shown such great appreciation like I've always been treated well always been treated like a queen here. Always these last few weeks has been almost overwhelming. Oh man I mean I just I still. Sometimes I say I don't want to minimize but I said my God I come in and I smile. I try to be nice to everybody but the love that I've gotten in return I I can't make the connection to it. It's all coming so thank you so much I mean it's been a pleasure. I love being good to people. I love trying to represent the company in the best way A.. And myself and my mom said no matter. What's going on in your life? Always put your best foot forward. Always bring your best or whatever you do always be kind to people. And that's what I live by and I I my mom's been gone awhile now but I think she'd be very proud of me as your today. I think I did alright. I always when when you hear why we love her. Go ahead always judge artists and whether or not the artist is nice whether they stop at the front desk and talk to her so if an artist like just bypasses sir and doesn't have a conversation with our when they leave. I go home. I got an attitude a little list. That's the people that everybody's been busy. Yeah what's up froggy. I just want to say every. Hey and the every single time that I come into that building and I'm not there very often but when I am there is always one of the very things things I know. I must do and must stop stop by the front desk and see Anita and she makes me feel like. She's so happy to see me every single time. I just want to say I love you. You make my day every time I see you on your just the sweetest person to encounter. Thank you for all you do appreciate that. I do a lot of a seem to love to see you. froggy she he.

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