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And we've got fifty three degrees and raining queen creek queen creek and we've got the forty nine degrees and raining cave creek we're taking a look at the biggest stories of twenty nineteen after experiencing a record number of officer involved shootings in twenty eighteen twenty nineteen has been a year mark with other types of controversies for Phoenix police to stand out in particular starting with the drivel names excessive use of force case back in late may cellphone video in a parking lot or thirty second and Roosevelt street called officer Christopher Myer pointing a gun at a car aims his pregnant fiancee and their one and four year old kids were at in June police chief Gerry Williams holders on his morning news it was all over a shoplifting call from a dollar store a few blocks away our office is going to make contact they get in the vehicle and they flee the vehicle continues to flee again and then stops in an apartment complex that's where the unprofessional behavior and behavior that is not in keeping with what I expected my employees the end result was officer Meyer getting fired and aims taking legal action against the city being represented by former Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne because of this physical brutality in that case where the individuals were a hundred percent compliant all of the time is the reason we've made a ten million dollar notice of claim then in October chief Williams fire detective Clinton Swick over racist social media posts for than seventy other officers were flagged for post they made nine suspended as a resident or person the community you can express yourself as a part of your first amendment rights but as a public servant we wear this badge as a symbol of our commitment to a higher standard German foster PTA orders Phoenix police had forty four officer involved shootings in twenty eighteen and just fifteen in twenty nineteen through yesterday had to KTAR dot com to see a map of all the officer officer involved shootings in the valley this year K. T. A. R. news time seven twenty five someday traffic.

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