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It was also olympics night so it's going up against abc olympics you know that the the big curling stuff is going on it pulls viewers away so this is a big game big rating day for north carolina but they talked about they will host a purdue game and i'm thinking they're going to talk about you know candidates diop making an amazing shot at the in the fact that isaac haas had a chance maybe to win the game at the end gave it a good effort at least yes you know carson edwards has the twenty eight point performance plays great at other attacked by any of these things and you know they talked about instead mark geddes i don't even know if you saw this they talked about your boy a d ak andrew dockage the son of dan dockage and they talked about him making hustle plays you know when he tipped the ball back out to the 3point line for another possession that talk about that they talk about jay bilas makes a joke that you know we know dockage gets all his town from his mom you know everyone chuckles ever last and to me i was jaylen because we should be talking about what you're talking about which is chris holdman could be coach of the year k base diop has now the best small forward thirdly in the country and that's an a group that includes miles bridges mekelle bird is all these other guys kevin knocks whoever it is but a name out there uh and know that suffers discuss oh made me sad for you that they had this moment they had this old age and then give it to you so daca checks into the game and he has just an absolutely horrendous turnovers star and i've said before the lake i i eggs like andrew dockage disagree kid everybody on the team in the in the program has nothing migrating to say battle and as a player like he knows exactly how good he is doesn't try to do anything he did he you know not trying to do anything you can't do phenomenal phenomenal seas an outrage dockage tonight i can't your for him enough he checks into the game though and like the very first time he touches.

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