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Host that McDonough good evening everybody and welcome to the show spending a lot of a lot of time July fourth weekend spend the whole week here was filling in for Bruce and last Thursday and Friday and we will be back again next week on Thursday and Friday and more coming up in the future it's the summertime you know and Sally Ann and Sean and of the other folks say like everybody else need to take some vacation time off and they are certainly entitled to it and we will be here to help them out and to the guest hosting and filling in your lot of calls a lot of calls during the week good calls some you know we don't agree with but that's okay people can give us a call and share a different opinion have a different thought there's nothing wrong with that and I like that and I don't mind exchanging ideas with people I I don't like and will not tolerate anybody that gets personal okay we're not going to take that because we're gonna come back at you it's not about me it's about the issues and what people are thinking about them maybe trying to find some solutions and ideas and also if you're going to make comments and they're just out right big lie swappers I'm going to intervene not going to allow you to continue to lie about something having a different opinion is one thing maybe having what you think or different faxes okay to open its an out right wiper no we're going to talk about it but that's the way it should be doesn't mean you're going to be cut off or anything but how can you sit here and how someone discontinued the lion tell whoppers and you know their whoppers and your poor listening audience I'm pretty sure they're smart enough to know their walk first but they have to be challenged right that's what you've got to do so anyway tonight it's an open show as always which means whatever you have to think about and you want to talk about and you want to share with our listening audience that's what it's all about you can call us at W..

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