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Not just because the parole board granted parole doesn't mean he'll get out right away he expected to be released in october jake serve southern carson city nevada forests thanks so much for joining me now is jeffrey toobin author of the wrong of his life the people vs oj simpson and paul callan he represented the nicole brown simpson estate in its civil suit against o j simpson jeff oj simpson admitted today that he made bad decisions but he seemed to place the blame on on on others what was your take on mr simpson at the hearing today well it was simpson it is worst i thought selfjustifying selfpitying narcissistic mouthing the words he was sorry but clearly indicating that he felt he had nothing to be sorry for and worse yet saying he led a conflict free life when he was a convicted and confessed a domestic abuser and we all know that nicole brown had called 911 repeatedly on him so the idea that he feels domestic violence is is not really violence or not really conflict i think is indicative of some of the attitudes that we've seen throughout his throughout his life which i thought was will was pretty bad i did think the decision to give him parole was the correct one under nevada law paul what will analogy simpson's life be like under parole the one of the commissioners made it a point about saying he can't violate his parole conditions in any way what will this conditions being.

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