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Is that how come fans are going to have to watch baseball this summer? Well, do I have to be that guy? Be that guy? Because I don't have the Marquis not working Now. I won't be because I have who live. Which has the Marquis network s O. I will be watching Cubs baseball. You can call me And I'll give you play by play. I don't want your play by play sound like we can facetime like here comes the pitch. You strike me just like watching. You just want that It would be a verbal version version of watching that it's my bench. Why would I want that dot com Because you could hear. Maybe here's some stuff in the background. Maybe. Yeah, I think I'm going to need the Marquis network. Now. Here's the brilliance of being a court cutter. Since I'm not tied into a cable provider. I have YouTube TV at the moment. Well, maybe not for long. But next month I could perhaps have who live today. I mean its 19th. I could ride out the rest of this month. It was like 10 games. I've got this fantastic. Abdullah play by play where he's going to face timing for four hours of a baseball game and give me all the play by play. Or how about this? I could just watch the White Sox home locally for Whiteside's baseball as Louise Robert Pummels this fall Deep Centre Field. Oh, into the shrubbery. It goes. Bring him a shrubbery. One. Nothing home socks. Well, Louise Robert does it again. This might be a preview of what is to come come opening day for the weeks. Robert American League National League get ready because Robert It is common. Pernetti Gar Fine on NBC Sports Chicago Louise Robert, with his first home run yesterday, Abdullah and he's crushing the ball now. Now listen. Scott, working from MLB dot com made it very clear eyes Twitter feed that, like, also keep in mind. For how good Roberts playing right now. He's also going against his own team mates were not pitching inside. So so you will see some different pitches coming at Louie's Robert when things actually Fly for real now tonight against the Cubs. If he hits three home runs and continues on this hot tear that we've seen here in summer camp the last couple of days, then maybe you kind of give Mohr Pilot to that, But you know, it's awesome to see him crush these balls out of the ballpark. It's exciting. I can name like I just go through the White Sox roster. How can you not be excited about every single player and what you're going to see from them? Going into this season. Whether they make the playoffs or they don't make the playoffs. The optimism is high. The excitement is high. They're young. They're fun to watch. Everything about them is exciting. So what if he's not getting pitched inside? It's still entertaining. It's notable and keep that in mind. But the excitement is there like, Listen, the excitement in Chuck Garfield was like this is just just watch out. Watch out, and that was the 1st 1 How about the second is a great test for a young hitter? Not too many hitters have faced a guy like seashell with this funky delivery and he's in the majors doing this boy Paul leaked, and it continues to lead. Louise Robert Look out. So the Concours won't hit off last seat in the section of the left field. Well, so much For my theory. He was gonna take a little bit of time to get used to a pitcher like Steve Jack. So that's Louise. Robert Gar. Fine Benetti on NBC Sports Chicago with his second home run. Blasted that on to the concourse. I'm excited to watch the least Robert play in real baseball games. So let's ask the question. At 3123323776 Your baseball fan, Maybe you're not even a Cubs or White Sox fan. If you are great, If you're not what are you looking forward to most in this baseball season? 60 games? We know it's going to be different. Going to be a sprint. I feel from the start. Both the Cubs in the White Sox will be playoff contenders. If not, they both have the opportunity to make the playoffs in this season..

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