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So give that money and we'll wrap up with everyone's favorite segment weekly words of wisdom i writer scout to foyer covered phillies blackstar film festival which he said was the highlight of his movie going year and this year give a really inspiring address that he wrote up on the phones will not come i don't know if you know this but do rene didn't even pick up a camera until she was thirty two and before that she had worked in film pr so how did she train as a filmmaker no film school she credits post screening qna is screenwriting books listening to directors talk about their work on press junkets and good oldfashioned dvd commentaries do rene said quote i'm telling you it's the cheapest film school you can do imagine this your favorite movie the director's going to sit down with you one on one and walk you through their movie what they did and what they were thinking about how that shot came to be i mean it's gold for people who want to learn what they're doing i watched to so many directors commentaries so it was nice to have an affirmation of what we always say here are no film school get out there to as many festivals and events as possible to learn and take advantage of all the director interviews and behind the scenes videos we have on no fills goldogob and my weekly words of wisdom uh i wrote up a really interesting article this week about how to write a greek plot twists and actually ended up confirming a suspicion that i've had for a long time and that suspicion is that spoilers really don't end up making you like the film any less in fact a ucsd study actually prove that they can increase your enjoyment of the film because you are more engaged in finding clues that would have made the twist ending surprising.

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