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The only warnings still in effect are Logan in Payne county. There are some other things that are building up right now. But no warnings have been issued especially for of that of the Oklahoma City. Metro are forewarned storm team partners are standing by. They've got it covered. I will cut to them as soon as it gets closer to the metro and we feel you need to know about it here on NewsRadio one thousand. K. T. O K, eight four O one thousand and Leigh Matthews at KT. Okay dot com. Tom is an Oklahoma City. What do you think of storm coverage and knowing about storms? Well. The question about the difference, a regular tornado watch PBS watch sure the differences. The regular tornado watch is just anytime. The conditions are favorable for any kind of tornado, whether it's a little bitty spin up tornadoes. You see, like we had on Monday in some places, or whether it's the large especially dangerous tornadoes, like may of twenty thirteen or may nineteen ninety nine that's a regular tornado, watch the PDF, watch is where the conditions are especially favouring the large long track very damaging tornadoes, particularly may twenty thirteen so that's where the difference lies. When the temperature is where to right now when the humidity where it is right now. And you've got the winds coming out of the south pushing things that's where you start seeing PDF watches. I wonder does do does any other state in the union issue PD watches. Well. Well, I don't think they're actually issued by states. They are issued by the national weather service. Right. And that's what I mean. I mean do we see these anywhere else that we could then because here in Oklahoma, we have a tornado it's going to be a serious one. You know. No. Yeah. Service can has issued a fly morning for Kingfisher county in central Oklahoma, southwestern pain county in central Oklahoma county in central Oklahoma until eight fifteen PM central daylight time. Sixteen PM central daylight time radar indicated sooner storms producing heavy rain across the warned area up to one inch of rain has already fallen. Combined with recent heavy. Rainfall flooding is occurring. Some locations. They will experience flooding include Kingfisher, Anisi Leeson Chris cash Dover coil. Cedar valley Marshall, small city Orlando. Moyal. Turnaround encountering flooded roads, most deaths occurred vehicles. And you just heard that. I mean, that's an example, there, flash flood warning, because the ground is very saturated, especially in the counties mentioned by that emergency activation system. That includes Logan, and pain county, and we still have some super cells that are developing in those areas. So we will keep you posted if there's anything they are. And it's all heading to the north into the east, by the way, it is ending heading our way. We'll get into it, right. Quick with our good friends at the four warn storm team. So Tom, we were talking about national weather service, and how and win and wear like, for instance, do we see PD s or PD Q, pretty damn quick tornado watches issued down in Texas. I haven't seen one in Texas. But the one that's currently ongoing covers obviously northeast Oklahoma. It also covers the far south east corner of Kansas, and it extends up through eastern and into central Missouri. It's covering places like Joplin,.

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