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Seventy degrees air, seventy degrees floor versus a fifty five degree full floor and a seventy degree here. And not to mention that the heat that it takes to compensate that cold for always that cold air just always there. So all right, Alex. We have take a break. We have another half hour of the show to go. If you wanna call in your home improvement questions. Six five one nine eight nine nine two two six text is eight one eight zero seven will pick up on those text messages when we come back as well. Twenty eight degrees in the twin cities. We'll have a look at the weather coming up. The free radio dot com app. From the Google play store. You can listen CEO anytime anywhere on your iphone or Android smartphone. Forecast for the twin cities snow is likely probably later this afternoon. Maybe even some rain mixed in where twenty eight degrees now heading for thirty five or nearer to they're going to be a breezy day. Winds could gust as high as thirty miles an hour. Maybe less accumulation less than what age possible that's today. Then tonight more snow, maybe a little rain to steady temperatures around thirty four degrees. Another breezy night with highs gusting high as thirty miles an hour. We could get one to three inches of new snow overnight tonight, and we'll have more snow likely tomorrow, mainly before noon, otherwise cloudy sky, the rest of the day high near thirty two how about Sunday's snow accumulation, maybe less than an inch or so sunshine returns, Monday high near twenty-six partly sunny Tuesday near Twenty-three, overcast now northeast winds at fifteen humidity ninety six the do point at twenty seven CCF temperature twenty eight..

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