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When you when you're out with people, and it's on, you know, you kind of pick yourself back up Einstein also assume that. Basketball million staffer first lady is like a graduate of the school. That's I can't even say we're talking about the NBA. So just food out. Likes basket affluent. She loves the NBA do so. The girl the girl I'm dating right now after the other day, she said explain to me the difference when amid major and a high major so that's where I'm at right now when it comes to. Right. There's a positive thing. It's a good thing. You have to be willing to accept the marathon. That's going to go on from now until April night. They obviously, you don't have to know everything, but you got to embrace the grind because the best four or five weeks of the year upon us. You want an ally. John because this is March, right? Like, it's more and more into April. Sunday's Saint Patrick's Day. What does that? Well, be like the second round of the tournament already. And not only that Joe the season starting November thick so this season has been longer than any other college basketball season. I can remember you love that sort of didn't even realize I guess it is because I'm thinking now 'cause baseball starts early usually like well opening weekend. Baseball is usually the final four usually it's a week later. The national title game April eighth. I mean so doing five for next season on April ninth year. Just according to the NBA draft decisions and away we go. Wow. We will talk to you plenty of time. We're going to see you like more than our wives for what? Every Monday and Friday. Can't wait. Oh, baby. Thank you, John. John. Thanks got John Ross Tina Joe's, right? The premier college basketball guy. He really here's the proof of it. You can even lips come and he'll Ross he gives you live, right? Right. The ninth man on limp skim. Let's go. Say the school name big daddy Lipscomb. Here's a great defensive tackle Steelers in cults. He died of drug overdose. Back in the early sixties. That's the only lithium rhino a little.

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