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In untouched into the end zone. That was Don Muncie in on the Clemson Tigers network, each Ian was awesome. Two hundred three yards rushing over seven yards per clip added three touchdowns to it. And he really was the offense the Tigers. But like I said that's a big boy dry. Chase Bryce from deep within his own end zone and the fourth down stick that throw was perfect. There's a lot of guts. But I'll tell you that Syracuse college football program also is completely different under Dino babies. It's amazing. Greg Robinson had lit fire to it. One of the single worst coaching jobs of all time is what Greg Robinson data after taking over the program for Paul pass colonie for years. Syracuse football was a nine or a ten win plateau top twenty five ranked most of the time winning the big east or shares the big east and Dan Greg Robinson takes over and they're losing to Toledo and Akron by two touchdown to the carrier dome. Just embarrassment Robinson is a total disgrace. So he leaves it in shambles the takes Doug Marrone, and he builds up to a certain degree. They get to seventy five or so pinstripe balls and Texas balls that it falls back down hard towns under Scott Shafer and the last two year, they're four and eight four and eight and yet this year, they were Ford and getting vote the top twenty five, and they just went toe to toe and hung with Clemson on the road at. Death valley. That's an amazing job by babies and in Syracuse circles that almost feels like a win because that's the bar right there being able to go on the road to go toe to toe with that team everybody ACC tried to do it very few do it. And they did it yesterday. But credit the Tigers. They got that championship blood that championship DNA and they showed it yesterday afternoon. Game of the day, Ohio State and Penn State's in Happy Valley and the Nittany lions had led. And yet here we're the buckeyes surging late and grabbing the lead.

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