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I decided you know that i had kinda hit a plateau by myself or what i thought i could learn so i started going out to the group rides tuesday night group riots in just trying to meet people and they wanna coupling is it. I knew through running that were really hit. Cyclists and begrudgingly sometimes unsure. They tried they. Were helping me out. But i wasn't gonna let up. You know i know you. You can't add different towards me when we go for run and then you know i'm still gonna pass to you so i'll go. I'll just try to be involved in. Meet as many people as i possibly could. I felt at that was the best way to learn the sport raleigh. There's always some old pro hanging around you know and i was always there to take some brains. There's always an old pro around Book dude Andrew just found out this weekend. T t racist weekend is all excited. I thought i did i. I mean i think i did okay. I'm happy happy with the results. But i i looked at the the person directly above me and i saw the age seventy seventy one year old. I was like what the hell and it turns out. He's a former pro. Lives out now. Hi oh and al. Yeah i mean you just looked at them. You look at him. He doesn't look seventy-one first and foremost but like he. I seventy one year old. He just torched everyone. And i was like i want to like that one day. Just just roll up just torch. Those guys may never down they. Just they'll stay the same speed for like fifteen years. They never slowed for someone. That's just getting into racing. A newer cyclist. At what advice. Would you give to them. Obviously you know. I see a lot of younger. People that are wanting to get into racing and their immediate focus is equipment in technology and the first thing that i would say man rider bike. I go out there. And if you've got that giant cr ride it until the wheels off you know get an if you're going to get into a racing. Get into a cat five races. What you got see how it goes. There's a lot of focus in this four. That's already can be very unapproachable for folks that don't have the means to get into a monetarily or community based and i think the first thing that people should do is ride dot get in there and do it because racing itself you know if you've got local races it's not crazy money Race now it is like if you wanna go race your first race with the carbon fiber everything and our top. It can be pretty cost prohibitive if you wanna ride with the guys on the tour ride for your first race right and so that everyone doesn't have like ten or twelve grand just laying around i did and then i bought a bike but yeah i encourage that and i would encourage like what i'm saying find. It doesn't matter who you ryan. Was there sixty five years old in your twenty year old. Just go do it a no matter. What never raced in their life. Day may have information that that would be beneficial to you and you never know who knows..

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