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We have basically no limits. We have no transparency, and that combination attracts people like Nick Ayers. And so in Missouri airs is very closely connected to the great inst- campaign. It is in fact under investigation for violations, and you know, this investigation extends to the role of dark money in the GOP general to the. Role of the NRA. And then that of course extends back to Russia. And of course, because he's he's Pence's chief of staff you have hence implicated in. And so there's this sort of like dirty quadrangle of like greitens. The new Senator elect Josh Holly. Who is now also under investigation for campaign finance violations before even took office Pence and airs a sort of Manafort hanging out in the background because who chose Pence, and it's really dirty. It's really gross at Anchorage people to actually investigate it. Because the national news did not bring up any of this. They didn't even mention that. He was involved in the writings campaign. So please go look at the Saint Louis post dispatch and the Kansas City star. You'll actually find this information because it's horrifying, and it has ramifications for the country as a whole. So that being said, do you have any ideas Andrea who is going to replace John Kelly? Well, I couple possible way. As could play out. But I do want to say back to pets because we never say this enough Manafort, a master of the dark arts must have chose Pence for reason and Manafort was was very much a key chess player all of this. And I absolutely believe the reporting at the guardian that Manafort was meeting with us on over a number of years. Those years being very key years when the Kremlin was sort of ramping up its interest and Donald Trump and its involvement with him at putting pieces into place that would help Trump win office and anybody that doubts that reporting and raises an eyebrow. We'll think about what the guardian had all the stress test. The guardian had to make internally just to get that story into print. They had people on their stuff editors that were making the same challenges as people respecting have made towards the peace. Once it was published. The guardian knows what it's doing. It's. It's doing very very long time. So I absolutely trust that reporting there, and there's done by two importers so back to Mana foreign Pence. There's a reason why the Manafort shows Pence, and I think part of that is that he was he's a chronic liar. As we know he desperately needed an out because he wasn't going. The polling was showing that it wasn't going to be reelected as governor of Indiana. So Manafort recognized somebody that could play ball with their corrupt cabal of Kremlin-backed Republicans, and they put him in charge of the transition team. And when you're in in politics information as power you want to be in the center, you want to know what's going on? That is your source of power. You want to be in the center of in stay relevant and make yourself indispensable. And so hence knew everything that was going on. Of course, he did. And that and that goes for Vonk as well, who's also very active unlimited transition team. So they knew what Flynn was up to in dealing with the Russians directly. They knew a gates in Manafort, we're up to who worked reports in the transition including advising on selecting cabinet members and all the sort of going to going going on by the scene with the Kremlin backing involvement. This was all done out in the open. I was in Paris shortly after. After the election and somebody was telling me that the head of Republicans abroad for France was told to meet with the Russian embassy in Paris, this open bridge building that problem party was doing for many years with the Kremlin. And so Mike Pence was privy to all of this..

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