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News Brought to you by sweet James Bergner L. A county has started looking for potential alternative learning sites for students Welcome. Offices are closed during the Cove in 19 pandemic. Supervisor Janice Hahn has asked that parks and libraries be considered for students most in need. It is imperative that we in the county partner with our school district's to make sure that this 2020 21 school year is not a lost year. Han says. Such sites offer access to technology and WiFi and some supervision. She says Parks have already proven that the concept can work because they safely hosted summer camps through the pandemic. Los Angeles Rams have warned fans the NFL will probably cancel preseason play that would make the Rams first game at Sophie. I Stadium, a Sunday night football match up with the Cowboys September 13th. If fans are led into the stadium, the seating capacity will be greatly reduced from 70,000 to 15,000 season tickets will be deferred to the next season. A new survey suggests that many Americans don't think the world will ever get back to the way it was pre covert 19. The survey commissioned by torch found that 75% of Americans believe life will never return to what it once wass Part of the reason for that is 59% of people surveyed admit they would be too afraid to go back to a shared workplace once they're able. Meanwhile, 36% have concerns they'll never be able to get back to the office without potentially putting themselves in their family in danger. Close to 75% of survey participants believe in handshakes are now a relic of the past, while another 45% think companies should start administering temperature checks before employees are allowed in the office. Gina grad KO Phi News from the Southern California Toyota Dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy. A crash in Whittier on the 605 South bound side of Washington Boulevard. Looks like this crash has just cleared out of lanes in traffic is back up to speed heading to.

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