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Sarah fox news of a handful of states make moves to re open president trump has a majority of them are seeing fewer new cases of the virus the president signaled that the tide was turning when it comes to cope at nineteen forty six states reported drop in patients showing corona virus like symptoms that's a big number and ask the president moves toward a re opening of the country vice president Mike pence announced another recommendation that precautions against the virus and taken away we are now encouraging states to restart elective surgeries where ever possible either statewide or on a county by county basis new research was also unveiled showing the virus survives better in colder drier climates than in warm humid environments going all Scott fox news the house passing another stimulus bill they those impacted by the virus the nearly five hundred billion dollar measure will mostly be used for a planned small business loan program began in a stark day for us to once again pass are now forced bi partisan legislation to address the coronavirus crisis speaker Nancy Pelosi some Democrats say more funding is needed to help states meet budget shortfalls that could prompt a battle with Republicans New York governor Andrew Cuomo blasting Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for comments he made yesterday about not giving money to state that's how you're gonna bring this national economy backed by states declaring bankruptcy you want to see that market for through the cellar like New York state declare bankruptcy and Cuomo added if the federal government expected him to do it alone how would that work testing of an experimental vaccine for covert nineteen is begun and health volunteers in Britain Oxford researchers say they influential include hundreds in the study America is listening to fox news.

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