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How do you like the eggs that way? Collie surprisingly edible. Mrs davis. You telling me about your date last night. What happened after Mr. going to the park? Well, I took a nice long bashful. Walk around the zoo. Down on Mr. Barton's favorite bench. You'd be surprised how cooling and refreshing. It was just to sit there. Me fishing. Yes. It's right outside the polar bears cage. Beautiful night. Mr barn. Looked at the full moon any side, his lips parted. And then you sneezed. Was that all county certainly not MRs Davis. I looked right into his eyes and softly murmured tight. Hi. Economy missing a big opportunity like that. What do you mean? Mrs davis. You said, Mr. Boynton. Yes, Amanda, sneezes, very important county. It isn't something that you can dismiss lately or should I have done painted a picture of it? Like children Connie Li like people to make hustle them. When they don't feel well as soon as Mr. bones need, you should have treated him for a bad cold treated him. But how you should have leached Cup of hot. I would've but the polar bears were using the cattle. David. We were in the part. Didn't you should have left the park. You'll see Connie every man likes to know that he's well being as a matter of vital importance to men, but MRs Davis, I am not if you'll excuse the expression, and I certainly with his woman. Never will be unless you take advantage of natural meal. Weaknesses. Remember now Comey the next time, Mr. boy shows the slightest sign of the audio you've got to be a real Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale. But I haven't got the voice or it. I mean. Davis. But if I have to wait until Mr. Boynton get sick before he romances me, I'll be too old to enjoy it healthy as an ox so much better. It's those great big healthy ones. You appreciate you most. When something does go wrong. Oh that must be Walter, Dan. He's giving me a lift to school this morning. I left the latch on foreign. I am. Did you like something? Do we Walter or have you had breakfast ES shanks? Yes. Thanks what he's had breakfast. And he'd like something to eat. Got something in the kitchen.

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