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Cove down fall river if you have time to go down there and see it I'm glad you brought that up because I have never been down there and I'm glad you reminded of it me either can you tell me about it so the USS passage uses their big mammy they had the PT boat that candy was on in a in a little like museum there's a couple submarines and there's a couple other other ships there's well I don't know remember the names of those but it's quite a it's quite a thing you can toward the Massachusetts you can have lunch there you can do pretty much everything is a day towards really nice and what can you tell me about the ship the messages it's what type of ship it is a class of ship five full we actually don't remember exactly what it is but I know its it's quite big she owned maybe was battleship battleship it was a battleship okay I don't know I don't remember the number to be honest with you it's okay so it was great to hear Jerry I mean he was the real deal he sounds great too yes yes so in Quincy yesterday or the day before there was a gentleman named mark captain Richard Stratton who was a POW for six years and they named a street after him in Quincy yesterday on Saturday or Friday I believe it was and was quite an honor with the governor and the mayor Quincy was out there as well it's called Stratton way if you have a chance you should Google him and look at his his life he was a captain United States Navy as well and he was a POW where'd you now boldly so he's eighty something years old so I wanna say Vietnam maybe for six years okay that's good now as well please tell me a little bit about your service if you want I'd love to hear about it sure is forty four years old so I joined the navy in the mid nineties when I was nineteen and retired in two thousand fifteen twenty years so you were thirty nine when you retire how close we does that it's pretty decent but you know we'll have to come out and get a job obviously not well I'm doing you know the benefits through the air great and so my career started in San Diego and ended in we more California in a BFA squadron I was a cook in the navy so being down below decks all time was quite quite cool I was on a mine sweeper Courtney call work in over two four so that was a pretty crazy time and you know scary I was afraid a lot because we're up the river we're basically doing the you know trying to clear the mines that were still out there from the previous war in the MTA's that's what they call in the mind in your area so the shooter stick it in and in March of those three when the war did start kick off again no we were in charge of along with a few other mine sweepers we're in charge of click clean clearing the way and also looking for missiles and things that didn't make their their targets and so with that being said where will I was awarded a combat action ribbon actually the whole ship was from the commander for sleep which of course at the time was a vice admiral and now we have the ceremony and stuff in my just my captain and a few other captains of terror vessels were awarded the bronze star as well so those are pretty much pretty good tour while we were there congratulations and thank you and the other cool okay I have a couple questions if it's okay yes when you would go out to see how long do we have to see it and one at a crack well we go one deployments it depended on what the mission was so but I remember in my younger years when I first joined we had actually like to be your days so we're out to sea over forty five days was a beard a so we had like ninety days three months at a time the longest and then but they don't do that much anymore the beer days to try to get you back in and when you're out there for three months is it does the time drag does the time go quickly are you working so hard to time goes fast as a gift do you get bored or you to speak is too scared to get bored what's it like out there depending on what size ship your own but most of the time you're you're so engaged I mean you yes so engaged in what you're trying to do whether you're an injured man down the in your room are machines made or you know a C. T. up in the Intel spaces are not your so engaged you know days role in the night to night trolling the days and you know you your your you just gotta do what you gotta do and and you know you reality hit sometimes and you just go out there and look at that the clear blue skies are the rain or whatever you know you can use the time passes but you know Jim is it pension get high yes Sir I do absolutely thanks to a friend of mine that are active duty but the thing I miss the most is camaraderie and don't miss the navy that much but the people you meet you know who go on and have wonderful careers you know why your ring because you know there were you in the young you know they were young officers or or you know young enlisted men a after you retire you find out that their you know senior enlisted leaders or their senior naval officers you know after you retire and stuff like that so it's cool to see them still do you know having a career and and make an impact as well I am married now yes Sir I married in two thousand twelve when I was a thirty six race I waited just because you know in the military is hard and you see other people haven't struggles with her family in young children so I actually waited so my wife did a tornado two tours with me one in new port in one on in we more California when I was at my last duty station this is like being on the tour with you yes she is you know it took a little while for her to get used to it because she wasn't you know I'd explain a lot of things in wasn't just like us all right this is what we're going to add explain how a lot you know how the base was what you what you were able to do once you weren't supposed to do and things of that nature and everything else but during my last four actually got to ride the USS Carl Vinson which is named after the torture center so one of the only aircraft named after US senator kids aircraft carriers named usually after president but because he was on you know had a heavy hand in the military you know I think the US one of the committees and stuff like that but he had a long career in a in this in Congress as well so and that's a really nice ship to be on are you too old to to go back in the navy with if you wanted so because I retired in two thousand fifteen I have to be in the fleet reserve so the only way if something happened and they were you know trapped in are they needed reserves I would still be eligible I have so is is my fourth year so I six more years so twenty twenty five my last would be fully retired so hopefully nothing between now and then happens yeah but he seems like you like the navy it wouldn't be that bad or absolute no no because like I said it's still people and so me being a a cook I think that I could get some pull some strings poll possibly and you know just go no staff or something like that how many people did you cook for so we're on the carrier you know those five thousand but each each masses you know you have the cheese Massimino reward rooms on the carrier so anywhere from you know that four hundred or five hundred chiefs to the two three thousand enlisted support for three thousand I know this is kind of basic question about what did you eat on I'm bored with it burgers and fries or was it what was it you name it burgers fries so burgers in name your call sliders hot dogs are called rollers with French fries tater tots you know steak chicken lot of chicken rice vegetables no other people if you ask people the navy food challenge pretty good actually yeah it's gotten better and you talk about right yeah they've chocolate milk in a five gallon bids because in a milk machine actually yeah man I don't I I met her and when I was a little a wee lad we wanted this thing called the east coast tour with the Boy Scouts and we stayed at navy bases restated Brooklyn restated Norfolk we got to eat in the mess with the sailors and there's a lot of burgers and fries and chocolate milk I was very impressed yes yeah the child got really really good actually you know but the bad thing is when you think you're headed somewhere and the captain comes over the you know the one M. C. announcement says that are due to something we have to turn around so that's when we get the lobster tail on the steak dinner I legs thanks for sharing Robert absolutely you have a good night thank you absolutely thanks a lot you know I do thank Robert for service but I hesitate to do the whole knee jerk thank you for your service because it's become this mandatory thing that people say even though they don't mean it so I congratulated him and I truly deuce thank you for your service there was no other away now to express that without the cliche of thank you for your service I mean I want you to know that I really appreciate it I'm not just saying that thing that people feel they have to say that's got talk to Dave in the car next on WBZ so you can talk.

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