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So you know it is it is challenging to create change, devote significant number of resources to Inari of the healthcare system where people just don't really WanNa WanNa, think about it or invest in it so I think this goes to the broader questions about where we are in nursing homes right now in our country and whether what we're seeing there with the number of deaths and in all of the infection control issues that have been become so public whether this will be a turning point for us and in truly taking the time to invest in our patients. Receiving institutional care and the families so rely on the. On the Senate. While let's let's hope. That is the case I I will say per your point about infections you do not on the report. And this is researched I. believe from Oh I G. Wonder one, two, three, million, series infections occur and sniffs each year. and more than sixty percent of these facilities have been cited for deficiencies in relation or related to infection control since the beginning of twenty seventeen. so antipsychotic overuse infections covered the list goes on. Let me go to. The conclusion report, the majority staff did not make recommendations. So my question is why was that and I ask particularly because he do state in conclusion, the report states quote unquote that the paper makes a case for specific policy proposal tricky. Since report concludes it is reasonable to conclude overuse is pervasive and continues to occur an unacceptably high rates close quote and amidst the intent of eighty-seven Nursing Home Before Act just mentioned have not. been realized I might mention to encourage listeners to to read mullets November testimony that we've already referenced because he has you're well aware. Makes several recommendations including arguing for more formal informed consent. So again. why did the report pass on on recommendations? So I think you know in terms of the purpose of this report, it was really to draw public attention to this..

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