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Seen this. Is Chris. Wesleyan I'm here with Mark Sizzler. And LAKISHA Jackson. Wesleyan and LAKISHA MOM wrote. Oh we're all here at West Manor recapping ravens over jets and once again. Lamar Jackson sweeping the football bowl nation putting the MVP in the bag in my opinion mark. What say you well? I couldn't agree more. I mean you'd have to. He he would have to be essentially kidnapped. KNAPP tonight with no hope of returning for anyone else at this point to take the MVP award it was. It was amazing. He had sixty nine yards passing with about five plus to go in the third quarter and the jets seemed to be settling on defense not towards victory but just having a little bit of an effect on slowing down the Ravens and then suddenly the big plays came and Lamar Jackson winds up with two hundred twelve yards and five touchdowns through the air and I heard that he Coming down days. Essentially tied the franchise Ravens Record of none other than vinny testaverde from way back in the mid nineties. So I have a feeling the Mar- Jackson's GonNa snap a vinny t's record of old with two games to go. They have already broken franchise records for total. Td's points rushing yards and Lamar. Jackson is doing things no quarterbacks. Ever done and four quarterbacks picked ahead of him last year in the draft. We saw a lot of graphics about that tonight. They they have combined. Those four quarterbacks for three games of three or more touchdown passes this year. Lamar Jackson seven on his own. And he's supposed to be a runner. He broke vicks record in here is leading the NFL in passing touchdowns and just outpacing the other first round picks from his draft by miles and miles. I see a guy that just. He doesn't make mistakes. He doesn't kill you. Some of those other quarterbacks that we're talking about are still dealing with you know rashes of interceptions and and games were. They can't get out of their way. And there's fits and starts and regressions and I think we saw a little bit a little bit of that with Sam darnold tonight darnold or some really good stuff too. I thought the jets offense offense had a chance before the half on a broken down offensive drive to essentially a seven plus minute drive to get back into the game and they just couldn't do it. which has been a hallmark of the jets offense but darnold just does some incredible things here and there too? But Lamar Jackson does it. wire-to-wire minus the slumps the in game slumps he sort of immune to trends and strengths of the other team. The you know the jets came in and and they were allowing about seventy nine yards per game on the ground by twelve minutes into the game. They were already allowing ninety nine. I mean the Ravens. Just put that blitzkrieg on them and they had no answers. And that's true for every team Andrea Andrea. Kramer talk to Greg Williams the jets defensive coordinator before the game and he just said. There's no way to prepare for Jackson in the speed of this offense. You think trae convention had mentioned too that what you watch on tape. Is that unless you get to a point where teams played him three or four or five times the human beings on the field having to deal with his athleticism which is so different person than what you were watching on television. It's you're dealing with a completely different type of human being and essentially a different type of sport on some level level. Where they don't deal with this at all and it's it's a total blitzkrieg in shock and the way they line up like no other team with all those tight ends and you know forcing mismatches watches? We saw Neville Hewitt the poor jets linebacker picked on and coverage over and over again. I I think immediately of the Defensive Pass Pass interference where you've got a linebacker covering covering Hollywood Brown. The fastest player other than the more Jackson on the field. And that was you know a Gimme. Touchdown pass interference occurred in the end zone and you know a few more times throughout the game. It was Hewitt getting picked on markets may safety trying to cover one other water receivers. It was greg out there at some point he might have as good a chance of some these people. So yeah the Greg versus Hollywood Brown in a weight contest. That might be close. I'd want to see it So what else about this game mark. I thought that we did see the ravens struggle a little bit on special teams. Maybe there were special teams game of the year where they allowed some long returns. They had a punt blocked. Justin Tucker even missed. It's an extra point Dan. I'll be upset about that one I think he might be a little bit more upset about Sam Thick and at this point who. I'm not sure his employment in the world of football is going to be lasting much longer longer. We can't fault him for the one missed the one bad snap and and kind of a hold that made him miss the kick but I walked by the illustrious project pat at who he that's his nickname according to mark Ingram really yes. He seems to do something different. Every game plays fullback. Oh Pat Patrick Block. Some kicks quite the the guy. Yeah I thought for the jets that the Ravens got a lot of consistent third-down pressure on Sam Darnold and he was up to the task quite a bit. He he evaded pressure and still made some first downs. He had them on the move in the first half and for a while the the total yardage was pretty even it really was and they. They've not been a team team. They've been essentially defunct on third down the way bad teams are and at one point they converted. It wasn't all through the air five in a row and I just thought that darnold again they they hung around and on defense. James Burgess too big third down stops and Rose Marie exactly where you were just waiting for the jets is to get another score to pull it in but I just even so and it probably was a frustrating game for jet fans as most of these have been because you know that at some point that the Ravens are I'm GonNa hit it and explosive period again and then the score at the end showed that they just they just got super hot in the second. Half and Lamar Jackson through the air. And you know it's it's it we've talked talked about on our show. Have the ravens hit some sort of a slump or you know. Can they keep up their hot streak. You can see little moments where that questions relevant but unless less they have a terrible night like tonight on special teams that could've easily put another touchdown or two on the board here. They've been around. You know this as well as anyone for about twenty five years now and about twenty. Five percent of their forty point games in history have occurred this year. A quarter of their thirty forty point games. They have occurred with Lamar Jackson in one season. He's and out of those twenty five. That might be the most amazing stat out of all the amazing Lamar Jackson stats this year. Well their offense tilted and they in the end under Ozzie. newsome they struggle to find wide receivers and targets did tight ends and they certainly had nothing in the realm of quarterback like this. I want to know what the woman to your right thinks about this game. Oh my favorite part was my mom honestly. I had her come in there and watch the Erin Andrews pace with Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram and just explaining like who he is. And we explain the whole Mike Vick record. And how all these quarterbacks were taken before him and then she just got so pumped up like it was just yeah. It was awesome some tweets and that was Hashtag road. Would you mind telling US give us a few just a few thoughts on it you can just you can free will at anything. You want to say well I just WANNA WANNA say that. Hey Lamar Jackson have my drilling going. I met this age now. I just don't want my drilling going book when my daughter described to me about Lamar Jackson is like I got to see him. She tell me. Where are we GONNA fly? Yes talking about getting our boss talking into our boss. I'm a I'm going to talk to your boss. Get Super Bowl tickets. I'll be that bold about it. Yes I say I would do anything to see the more Jackson. He was just that good. I mean he he goes out on and he just knows where he's throwing that ball and and he just knows where he's running and where he's going like he can see the whole field and that's how he played just yes. I'm just so amazed them mesmerized by him it's like he was awesome and the The turnover it's my favorite exchanges tonight. Rotas said alright. Ravens do some ghost place and he. What's IT ghost? Plane wrote a preceded delay. Exactly what play action pass means and yes and the more played them goes play so well I mean us. I'll be like okay. Where's the ball? I can see actually is like. He just has me so mesmerized. I can see just every little snapping any other time I play the game. I'm like where's the ball I. I don't know but hey he was really good and not just like the interceptor by number thirty six which the ball were ten to four brown eighty seven avenue and it was like wow look at these players I mean. Hey Hey you got me. I'M GONNA be watching you all the way through and you go all the way you know what I like that you oh you. You were able to ascertain things that people who don't watch football regularly would not have picked up immediately. You said what I love about this ravens team just from watching him one time time. Good teamwork there so supportive of each other. They're they are so enthusiastic for each other. And you see that with Ingram and Lamar Jackson anytime. They're interviewed they just have that Camaraderie and the whole city being swept into it like you know the first drive of the game. They're chanting MVP. Already because Lamar is marching down the field. It's like I'm a browns fan and they in the Ravens road. Hashtag road came from the Cleveland Browns. And that I did. I could not stand the concept of the Ravens for up until a couple months ago and I have a seven year old boy and he's watching the Mark Jackson and having the seven year old version of your reaction. I think he's making new fans at a people that would be disinterested otherwise. And and I'm trying to explain to my seven year old. Not Every quarterback looks like this in fact nobody does. This is a rare thing that you're watching right now so steelers fans talking about you know all can't help it like how can you not love Lamar like he just draws you in like he so exciting to watch kids can we. Can we get you wrote it to get on twitter and to get a twitter account because because you'd quickly at based on that speech have about fifty thousand followers. Oh well we can change. We can change post pictures of her but I knew if I the moral Jackson way he played never know. Hey days aerobraking just take it for right now. He's a mold tim but we never know..

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