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I'm an Cates thie GOP stimulus bill in the Senate is facing more scrutiny on Capitol Hill. One of the major issues of contention in the bill is extension of enhanced unemployment benefits. Senator Mitch McConnell is the Senate's top Republicans. The goal is to eliminate the prospect that one could make Mohr not working, then working. He's talking about that current $600 a week unemployment enhancement that is about to expire. And that says Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer would be a disaster. That 600 Dollars has kept millions of people out of poverty, millions of people in their homes millions of people feeding their families. There's unemployment benefits will expire for most recipients of the end of this week. Linda Canyon Washington President Trump says some areas they're getting their covert 19 outbreaks under control, watching very carefully. California, Arizona, Texas. And most of Florida's starting to head down in the right direction, and I think you'll see it rapidly head down very soon. But if you look California, Arizona, Texas and for the most part, most of Florida starting to head down there, more than 4.3 million confirmed Corona virus cases in the U. S and the death toll has topped 149,000. Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler hopes to meet with Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf correspondent Jim Bro reports Wheeler and City Commissioner Joanne Hardest. Do you want to talk with Wolf to try and negotiate a cease fire and withdraw all of federal officers from downtown Portland Officers with the Federal Protective Services were sent to Portland by President Trump to guard federal buildings. But since then, Have been nightly, violent and damaging clashes between protesters and the officers. And as we learned, Hardisty say they want to negotiate a withdrawal. President Trump says he may send even more officers losses Today on Wall Street, The Dow Jones industrial average fell 205 points, the S and P 500 down 21 The NASDAQ off 1 34 man Cates. It's time to check the roads from the road traffic. Traffic, sponsored by Staples Stores crashed delays North bound 15 at Flamingo Approaching Flamengo. The center lane is blocked off that we have another.

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