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50 points. The D.C. restaurant that is now 100 years old. I'm Jeff Gable. 9 48. Back to the traffic center in Jack Taylor. All right, still with some delays, under police direction in Virginia, at a Fredericksburg, we had a crash on 17, both directions affected between fleet road and Stafford lakes Parkway, northbound, I think your lanes are closed, South Bend may only have one lane getting by, follow police direction. Now there is to be work today scheduled 95 northbound going into woodbridge as you head toward one 23. Cruz are going to be doing some bridge inspecting along the left side of the roadway. With caution in woodbridge, we'd had reports of a crash, watch on old bridge road out in your spring Woods drive. All right, the bellway itself looking pretty good right now between Alexandria and McLean. There's a little heavy traffic on 66 east coming into centerville. Watch for delays in Maryland, though, on the beltway, the one slow spot outer loop after river road, heading down toward the legion bridge, scanning the cameras, not finding anything. Wondering if Cruz found anything on the beltway prince George's county, outer loop, there had been reports after kennel worth avenue of some debris along the left side. Out toward Annapolis rabble of our south after 50, crashed along the right side. Pennsylvania avenue at silver hill road there had been a reported wreck, some slowing toward Baltimore. We've got work on 95 northbound up near X at 46, taking you toward the harbor tuning through a 8 95, the work is along the left side of the roadway. Also work today, westbound on the 50 out of the bay bridge, watch for the red X over the left lane today. Jack Taylor WTO P traffic. Storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts, another scorcher today. Yes, it is. Temperatures are already in the low 80s right now. We

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