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The news you need Now it's nine o'clock from ABC News. I'm Richard can sue the prosecution rests. House Prosecutors rested their case and former President Trump's second impeachment trial. Jamie Raskin, one of the prosecutors, asking senators of inciting an insurrection isn't convictable. What is if you don't find this? High crime and misdemeanor. Today you have set a new, terrible standard for presidential misconduct in the United States of America. Mr. Trump's defense begins on Friday on Fox News, one of his attorneys, David Show, and promised to dismantle the House Prosecutors case and quickly. There's no reason for us to be out there a long time. As I said from the start of this thing. His trial never should have happened. And if it happened, that should be a short as possible. Given the complete lack of evidence trumps acquittal is virtually certain. The votes for conviction simply are not there. Once that happens, watch the first thing that we're going to see from him. Is an attempt to get revenge on any Republican that crossed him during this process. Any Republican that supported impeachment or wasn't sufficiently strong and opposing it in his mind A B C's Jonathan Karl president, Biden says the government will purchase 200 million doses of Corona virus vaccine. We've now purchased enough vaccine supplied to vaccinate all Americans vaccinate them by mid summer now attractive enough supply. For 300 million Americans. By the end of July, according to his predecessor, Mr Biden said that when Trump took office, there was no plan. Should say when Biden took office, there was no plan to vaccinate most of the country Jazz titan Chick Corea died from a rare cancer..

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