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Next star media group station. 45° at 3 o'clock, good morning on game salgado and for James Sears. There was another mayoral debate last night, details of the WGN traffic from the fort has reopened between a 130 and a 115 streets after that earlier accident. We're in the Johnson and Paul valence class yet another television debate last night. Johnson said one of the solutions to violent crime is more jobs for teenagers. Double the amount of young people that we hire, there's a direct correlation between youth employment and violence reduction. We're going to pass treatment now trauma, open up our mental health centers. And of course, we're going to make sure that we're creating jobs because economic stability is safety. But valor said there are things Johnson should commit to a V serious about cutting crime. My opponent wants to defund the police. He doesn't want to fill the 1100 vacancy. He does not want to bring back retired officers or invite other officers who have left to return without any loss of seniority. So at the end of the day, what you've got to do is you've got to fill the ranks the debate was hosted by ABC 7 Univision and the league of women voters. Governor pritzker was at Julia junior college yesterday morning promoting his plan to increase funding for higher education. That includes a $100 million investment. Invest in monetary award program or map grants. We always allocated an amount of money for map grants. People would apply. And when we ran out, all the rest of the people who didn't get one had to wait till the following year. That's not happening anymore. Everybody that's eligible that applies gets one. The governor's office says one of every 5 students at Joliet junior college receives financial aid through map grants. The White House says decisions over the safety of medication should be left up to the FDA. This is about FDA's authority to make its independent evidence based decision on drug. That's what press secretary green Jean Pierre said Thursday as a Texas judge considers whether access to the abortion pill if Preston should end. The judge heard arguments in a case challenging the FDA's approval of the abortion Bill, which was approved in 2000. Jean Pierre said the administration believes it would be devastating to women to prevent access to the drug. And treasury secretary Janet Yellen spoke before the Senate finance committee yesterday in the wake of the recent bank failures. And while Democrats think yelling for her department's quick response to the problem, not everyone on the committee felt that way. News nations and the wernicke. But Republicans say President Biden is to blame. Biden's handling of the economy contributed to these bank failures. And Oklahoma, Republican senator James lankford said the decision to protect uninsured deposits is unfair to smaller community banks. Will the deposits and every community bank in Oklahoma, regardless of their size, be fully insured now? Will they get the same treatment that SVB just got? Yellen said they would not because uninsured deposits would only be protected if they decided that failing to do so would create economic and financial consequences. WGN sports time is three O three. Northwestern went wire to wire to beat the Boise state Bronco 75 67 marching on to the second round of the NCAA tournament. They're going to face UCLA on Saturday. The wildcats were led by their premier backcourt duo of boo boo and chase Audi, combining for 43 points. Illinois tournament is over though after falling 73 63 to Arkansas, Terrence Shannon, led the ilana with 20. The bears made three more signings official adding running back Deontay form and tight end Robert tunney and defensive tackle Andrew billings all to one year deals. The Blackhawks beat the predators two to one. The bulls hosted Timberwolves later tonight. Josh Friedman WGN sports

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